Monday, March 19, 2012

Top 10

Laney James, you are 10 MONTHS OLD!!! I am so proud and yet so sad all at the same time. It's always so bittersweet writing these monthly updates. It's amazing to see how much you grow and change, but most of the time it seems it's happening all too fast! I love that you are learning new things and becoming your own little person, but there are days I just want time to stop so you'll stay little forever. I feel the same way about your sister. Both of you are growing up way too quickly! I absolutely cannot believe that in just two months we will be celebrating your first birthday. It feels like just yesterday we were celebrating Libbi's first birthday and now here we are preparing for yours!
You are officially in "double digits" (as of 3/11...this post is a few days week late because you've been sick, we've been busy, and then you were sick again!)
You are 22lbs and 28.5 inches of sugar (and muscle). :) You wear a size 4 diaper, but sometimes I just use Libbi's size 5's and they work just fine. You are a solid 12 month in clothes and a few 18 months fit you, too. I've been buying mostly 18 months for the summer figuring that you'll "slim out" a little once you start walking. :)
Speaking of walking, I have a sneaking suspicion that it won't be too long before you are officially a "walker" aaaaahhh! You pull up on everything and try to stand without holding on all the time. You can push items across the room and cruise around the furniture like it's your job. You are THE fastest crawler ever. Especially when you know I'm coming after you. You take off and it's all I can do to catch up with you. (it's usually when you are eating something you shouldn't be - ha!)
You still nurse 4-5 times a day. We're working on dropping a feeding or two. I give you a sippy cup of water at every meal because I am bound and determined for you to master the sippy cup! Our lives would be a lot easier if you would. please. i'm begging. :)
You love your veggies! You are your daddy's child - ha! You would rather eat green beans, carrots, or sweet potatoes any day over apples, bananas, or pears. You will eat purees, but you are getting better and better at feeding yourself small bits of "table food." But to be honest, you'd prefer to nurse. I think you would nurse 24/7 if I'd let you. You do not have much interest in solids, but we're still practicing.
It's amazing to me that you can struggle with picking up carrots off your tray, but you can find a minuscule crumb or piece of paper on the floor and have it in your mouth in no time.
You LOVE your sister!!! You watch every little thing she does - although sometimes I think it's because you're interested and other times it's because you're protecting yourself - ha! She loves you...sometimes a little too much. Her hugs can quickly turn to headlocks and her hand holding can cause a loss of circulation if we're not carefully watching. But she means well. You love to chase her (which she loves!) and to be chased. No one is more proud of your accomplishments than Libbi. We hear, "Look at Lay-Lay!!!!" no less than 50 times a day. (most of the time this is an excited statement, but every now and then it's a "Tattletale" watch out baby girl, she's on to you!)
You are still not a great sleeper. You go to bed around 7pm (At the latest) and then you usually wake up at 11, 3, and sometimes 5.  I'm sure you're probably playing me like a fiddle, but what can I say? I'm just a sucker for crying babies.
You have (almost) four teeth on the bottom and almost six on the top! You have the sweetest smile and can melt hearts left and right when you flash your little grin. You've started doing this cute little thing where you put your cheek to your should like you're all embarrassed. It's precious...and you know it!
Laney James, you are pure joy and make each day of our lives sweeter than the one before. We are all so blessed by you day in and day out!! Happy 10 months precious girl
(and happy 10 months of being a big sister to this silly girl that found your sticker and decided she should wear it) ;-)

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