Tuesday, April 17, 2012


can someone please explain to me why this precious angel will NOT take a paci?!
she refuses it. every. single. time.
and yet....

she always carries something in her mouth.

seems like it would makes sense to me that she would take to a pacifier.

but she'd prefer a rubber duckie.

she honestly uses this thing like a paci. it's almost comical.

i've considered getting it in the middle of the night when she's inconsolable just to see if it might have the same effect.

can you imagine if i told people we were having to wean her off a rubber duckie?
(and one that's wearing a top hat and reading a mystery novel no less!? i think he's a sherlock holmes impersonator) haha!

oh well, i'm sure she'll move on to bigger and better things soon enough.... like vegetables? ;-)

or stars??

or a zookeeper?? ;-)

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