Thursday, April 26, 2012

one day...

not long after laney was born, i posted about our many (failed) attempts at getting a "sister picture." we are now almost a full year into this whole "sister" thing...and i can honestly say that it's just as difficult (if not more so) to get a picture of the girls together now as it was then. with two mobile children, two strong wills, and two very independent personalities - the only thing i'm sure of is that there will NOT be a perfect picture. but that doesn't stop me from trying :)

here are some of my favorites as of late:
penny for your thoughts? 
and now they've both completely spaced out... HUH????

i wanted to get their picture after church one sunday in their cute little piggie smocks....
it started out (as it usually does) with a too-tight-hug aka a headlock
bless laney's heart. she usually just goes along with it.... until she decides she doesn't want to anymore.
at this point, libbi breaks out the "sleeper hold" ...
...and starts yelling, "say uuuuuncle!!!"

oh, these girls :) 
i'm so glad i was able to get a picture of their cute outfits.
{side note: libbi thinks the solution to every one of laney's ailments is to "feed her"}

i thought it might be easier if we moved to the chair instead of sitting on the floor...
obviously, i thought wrong.
not exactly the look i was going for.
laney was *thisclose* to tattling on libbi, so libbi had to make sure she kept quiet. subtlety is not her strong suit.

oh, and when i FINALLY get a picture with both girls smiling, sitting nicely, and not looking like they're wrestling.... do you know what i do with this fantastic photo op?
i take it from the worst possible angle and cut off part of libbi's head.
oh well, we've got lots of time to practice! :)
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