Thursday, May 3, 2012


i feel like it's been a little while since i've updated on libbi and all that she's up to these days (and believe me, she's ALWAYS up to something!) ;-)
she's funny, because at home or around people she's comfortable with she is W-I-L-D, but around big groups or new people she is very reserved. she likes to assess the situation and once she's out! :)
she says the funniest things and a lot of times i have NO idea where she even learns them - ha! there are many times that i have to try not to laugh, because while it's funny, it's also not always appropriate. {side note: since she is newly potty trained, much of her daily commentary has to do with "potty issues" :)}
a few days ago she was screaming singing jingle bells on her microphone the other day. it was starting to get a little out of control, a little too marilyn manson-ish if you will, so i asked her to put away her microphone. her response: "no, i'm singing Lady!" i almost passed out. did she just call me lady?! (and y'all...she said it with attitude - it was more like, "lay-deeeee"). let's just say that "lady" is now added to our list of things we do not say.

also on that list: "oh my gosh." now, i realize that "oh my gosh" is not that bad. but it just sounds wrong coming out of my two year old's mouth. especially when she tends to say, "oh. my. goh" which sounds a little too much like "oh my God!" she knows that she can say, oh my word, oh my stars, or oh my, instead. least 500 times a day she makes sure to say, "we don't say 'oh my gosh'...right mom?" right libs. even though you just said it. for the millionth time.
she also loves to say "that's fine" and "i don't mind." sometimes correctly, sometimes not - ha! if there's something she wants to do, she'll tell you and then say "that's fine" or "i don't mind" as if you're the one asking her to do it. for instance she'll say, "let's go to chickfila. that's fine. i don't mind. let's just go to chickfila"

since she is now potty trained, we have had the pleasure of touring the restrooms in every establishment from here to kingdom come. the other day we were driving home and she said, "i need to tee-tee!!" since we were so close to home, i asked her if she could just wait until we got home. she proceeded to say, "i can just tee-tee at 'old macdonald's'. that's fine. i don't mind." (she calls mcdonald's 'old macdonalds'). i laughed and told her no. she then said, "oh, okay...well i can just tee-tee at bruster's (it's an ice cream shop) it's fine. i don't mind." um, no. sounds like somebody's got this whole "potty training" thing figured out. ;)
when i picked her up from school the other day she was telling me about a little boy in her class that was wearing diapers. she was so matter of fact when she told me that he wears diapers now, but when he gets big and gets to be a girl, then he can wear panties! ;-)

we were playing with these "paper doll" stickers the other day and were talking about the princesses that we were putting stickers on. we were discussing where they were going, what they were doing, etc, etc. in the spirit of imagination, i asked, "which one are you, libbi?" she looked at me so confused and said, "no momma! i'm right here!!!"
if i ask her to go potty because we're about to leave to go somewhere, she gets very offended. she does not like to be told when to use the restroom. she likes to say, "i don't need to go potty, my tee-tee is busy!"

when she prays she always starts with, "thank you God for Jesus...." and then adds in her loooong (and still growing!) list of fears: "please help me not to be afraid of cats, dogs, bumblebees, hyenas, bears, 'wolf-ies', coyotes, and foxes." she usually throws in a, "you suppose to close you eyes lay lay!!!!" for good measure (although if her eyes were closed she wouldn't know laney's were open...) you'd think as often as she prays this prayer she'd be a little more prone to play outside. but so far, no such luck.
when we were going to visit grandad the other weekend, i took a wrong turn and got alittle lost. (if you know me at all, you know this is nothing new....yes, i've been to visit him many times before, yes he lives in the town i grew up in, and yes, i still got lost.)
ANYWAY, libbi asked why we were turning around and i told her that i went the wrong way. she had a lot of questions about why i did that, but was satisfied once i told her we were now going the right way. the next weekend, we went to visit grandad again and at the exact spot i got lost the week before, she asked me "momma...did you go the right way? or did you go the left way again?" :)

and for our grand finale...
we were in walmart the other day waiting to checkout. all of sudden, out of nowhere libbi says, "NASTY! i'm bout to 'fro up!" i asked her what was nasty, why she was about to throw up, etc. she replies, "you tooted, momma! NASTY!" i literally almost fell out. first of all, i did NOT toot. second of all, i have no idea what possessed her to say that. third of all, the man next to us thought it was a lot funnier than i did.

oh, libbi. :)

"She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future."
Proverbs 31:25
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