Tuesday, April 3, 2012

project 365: week 13...

I know this week's post is late, but i wanted to go ahead and write it up just for posterity's sake :)
Project 365: week 13
march 25 - march 31
my mom found out she had shingles and libbi decided to pray for her on the spot. she is such a sweet girl. :)

Libbi has been really into "dressing up" lately, but not so much with actual dress-up clothes. She has wanted to go through all of the old tubs of baby clothes and wear those. Her favorite accessory is Laney's infant sun hat from last summer (that is so small it will only fasten underneath Libbi's nose....) Jeffrey had his fantasy baseball draft on Monday night, and I guess Laney really missed him, because she stayed up until almost 11 when he got home! :)

Libbi loves her some Lion King! I'm just glad that I don't have to play the part of Rafiki anymore... (of course, now I get to be "beast" and she is "belle" - ha!)

Jeffrey was out of town, so Laney and I headed over to my mom's house to keep her company while my dad was out of town, too. Libbi got to spend the night with Nana K. 

Libbi had her Easter Party and Egg Hunt at school. She had a great time and looked SO cute sportin her SheShe Made peeps set! When she got home, she practiced her "tricks" and did some more dressing up (again with the sun hat and an old summer dress - ha!) This is her model pose. 

Jeffrey was still out of town on Friday (and it was his birthday - boo!!) so we just sent him a text of his present - ha! I took the girls to visit the Easter Bunny and we hung out with Mimzy and Buddy on Friday night.

Jeffrey came home early Saturday morning during breakfast. As you can see, everyone was surprised and excited to see him! We went ran some errands and had Mexican for lunch. Libbi could eat her weight in cheese dip. She LOVES it! Jeffrey and I went out for his birthday dinner on Saturday night and had a great time!! :)

Hopefully next week's project 365 will be a little more timely! ;-)

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