Sunday, April 1, 2012

memories of firsts on the first...easter edition

the FIRST time libbi wore this sweet dress, we were at fripp island celebrating her FIRST easter. (we may have overslept and missed her FIRST egg hunt, but i'm betting she doesn't remember that ;0)) libbi was a little over 9 months old at the time (4/4/10)

the FIRST time laney wore the same sweet dress she was a bit more "chipper" than libbi - ha! she wore it today (4/1/12) for the FIRST time and she is about 1.5 weeks shy of 11 months. 

the FIRST time libbi had her picture made with the Easter bunny was also on that same spring break fripp trip. it wasn't the FIRST time (nor the last) that we saw her blank stare. haha! 

the FIRST time i took libbi to see the Easter bunny at the mall, i was about 3 weeks away from having laney. libbi did relatively well. at FIRST, i was afraid she had quit breathing, because she literally did not move a muscle the entire time.... but all turned out okay. :)

the FIRST time i took both girls to see the Easter bunny was definitely a new experience for me. :) in case you were wondering, it was not the FIRST time libbi wore this easter dress. it's the same one from last year....see, Jeffrey - I can be frugal! ;-)

i wasn't going to fool myself into thinking that it would be easy - with laney's major stranger danger and libbi's newfound fear of anything that breathes, blinks, or even thinks about moving - i just knew this was the stuff dreams are made of. ;-) 

and my girls did not disappoint. :)

at FIRST, libbi was a little timid. laney was not.

After her initial shock, libbi relaxed and broke out the infamous "cheese" face. laney did not.
libbi continued to "cheese" while laney continued to meltdown. 
my only comfort was knowing (hoping?!) that laney was not the FIRST hysterical baby this Easter bunny had encountered. 

Laney was the FIRST to exit the scene picture, while libbi remained frozen. 
(i honestly don't even think she realized laney had left...seriously! when we were looking back at the pictures, she kept saying, "where'd laylay go?!") haha!
bless their little easter loving hearts. :)

i'm pretty confident that this is the FIRST of many such encounters for the Tippins girls. :)

Happy April FIRST!!!

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