Friday, May 25, 2012

doctors, ears, and shots...

poor laney has been battling ear infections for months. this past week, after another round of {unsuccessful} antibiotics, we decided to go ahead with the rocephin shots. this was our final step in trying to eliminate these pesky infections that have been plaguing her for weeks now. we had to go to the pediatrician's office three days in a row for the shots. each time the shots were administered, we then had to wait 30 minutes to make sure she didn't have a reaction. so basically our entire tuesday, wednesday, and thursday were spent at the doctor's office and then she had a previously scheduled appointment with the ENT on friday. four out of five days this week spent at the times, huh? :)
thankfully she's fine, she reacted very well (or i guess not at all) to the rocephin shots and she's scheduled to have tubes. so we're praying this will all be behind us soon! :)

but, just in case you were curious what a week spent at the doctor's office looks like, i figured i'd show you:

libbi played while laney listened for her name to be called....    
libbi sat ever so gracefully while laney joined in the fun.
bored with the lack of toys, libbi began rearranging furniture.
{it wasn't long after this that she picked up the toy, dropped it on laney's foot, and caused a scene in the waiting room. i guess the silver lining was that the pain in her foot distracted her from the pain of her shots...}

at least one of us was happy to be there....

we read books.

ate snacks....
pretended to be the doctor....
and read even more books. this was probably our best day. :)

playing together while waiting...
playing alone...
while sister sat in time-out. :/
stickers and markers worked for us today. and thankfully they were a relatively "quiet" activity, because
laney was sleepy after those yucky shots. we still had to wait 30 minutes, though. :(

change of office today. we were at the ENT instead of the pediatrician. it might as well have been a theme park as far as libbi was concerned. she thoroughly enjoyed the toys in the waiting room (and they had candy AND stickers...does it get any better?!?!)
she even got to put on a show for us!
her captive audience.
easily distracted :)
overall, i can't complain. libbi did a really great job and i was very proud of her. i know it wasn't easy to go to the dr every day this week and wait on her sister. and i'm so proud of laney, too. she may have kicked and screamed and hyperventilated while they were just listening to her heart, but she took those shots like a champ. and i'm pretty sure that at this point, her dr. is just as thankful for anesthesia during her procedure as we are :)

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