Friday, May 18, 2012

laney's birthday...part 1

let's just say there's *quite a few* pictures of laney's big day....

prepare yourselves...this could end up being a "series" :-)

the birthday celebrations began on wednesday night. jeffrey and libbi went out to dinner and to buy a birthday present for laney. if you ask libbi, she'll say she got laney "an ipad!" but that's not completely accurate....
they bought a CASE for the ipad so laney can use it, too. but libbi seems to leave out the "case" part :)

on thursday (laney's birthday eve) we took our almost one year old to her big sister's spring program at school. 

we thought that elmo might keep her occupied....

but quickly realized that was not going to work. 

libbi sang beautifully....but unfortunately jeffrey and laney had to miss the final moments of her big performance since *someone* was getting a 
little restless (hint: it wasn't jeffrey) ;-)

we tried to take a few pictures after the show, but the (almost) birthday girl wasn't feeling up to it...

until she got around buddy. he has a way of making the ladies laugh. :) 

i have to admit, i was a little teary putting my 11 month old to bed, knowing that she'd wake up the next morning as a one year old! (jeffrey laughs that i took a "night before" and a "morning of" picture. i can't help it. i'm that cheesy mom) ;-)

on laney's actual birthday, (friday 5/11) jeffrey and libbi woke laney up with their special rendition of "happy birthday!" (which libbi sang over.and over. and over. and over all day long....)

when they came downstairs, libbi decided that laney needed "cake" so she went into the playroom and came back with a piece of cake for laney and another birthday song. :)

jeffrey treated us girls to chickfila in honor of the birthday girl! we sang (again!) and laney had a birthday candle in her chicken mini - ha! what can i say? we take birthdays seriously at the tippins house. 

after breakfast, we had a mini photo sesh with our newest one year old. 
we tried to get a smile out of her, but....

she was already too cool for school ;-)

and as one of the first items on laney's agenda as a big, bad, one-year-old, she decided to take a loooong morning nap (happy birthday, indeed!) :)

during her nap, we packed up the car and prepared everything for her party at my mom and dad's the next day. 

next time!!!!
(and a whole lotta pictures!)

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