Thursday, May 17, 2012


today was libbi's last day of school (*tear*) and i still have to blog about laney's 1st birthday (*again with the tears*) but while i'm organizing my pictures, pretending my babies aren't growing, compiling posts, and trying to mop myself off the floor- i thought i would take my mind off things with a random post. 

*starting with.... when i typed that last sentence, i accidentally typed "ransom" instead of "random" haha. wonder what the going rate is for a kidnapped blog? ;-)

*my hair is out of control. like two feet longer than i'd like it to be. it's hard to get my hair done as often as i'd like when there's a certain someone (LANEY!!! i'm looking at you!!) that won't let me out of her sight and relies on me for sustenance. i've always had short hair, until i started having babies. that being said, my hair has been "long" for at least a couple of years now. so why does it still freak me out when i see it or feel it over my shoulder? i can't tell you how many times a day i think there's a spider crawling on me only to realize it's just my hair. 

*my sister is the only person i know that when you ask her what she wants for her bday/christmas she will send you an itemized list. she recently sent out her birthday list in a text to my parents asking them to "spread the word." we laugh about it, but i think she's the one getting the last laugh....because we all purchased something from her list. :) 

*one of my most favorite memories of my grandad is the time he got pulled over for running a red light. scratch that...ONE of the times he got pulled over. He was adamant that it was because he was drinking a "big gulp" and it blocked his view of the light. i don't think the police officer took too kindly to that explanation. i'm pretty sure he still got a ticket, but he never bought another big gulp. 

*another time, grandad and mawmaw were eating their dairy queen ice cream cones in the car. when he finished, she offered to throw away his trash (the wrapper around the cone).... only he didn't have any. and it wasn't because he'd already thrown it away. apparently the paper taste just blended right in with the sugar cone. mmmm

*i forgot to mention that we recently found out we're going to have another niece! my brother and sister-in-law are having another little girl in october. we're so excited!! that will make four grandGIRLS for my mom and dad :) 

*libbi is very into singing these days, but she doesn't always get the words just right. most of the time it's too cute to correct her. she likes to sing jesus loves me....
"jesus loves me, this i know. for the bible tells me so. little ones whose hair's too long. they are weak...." and another favorite is "row, row, row, your boat. mimzy goes to sleep. merrily, merrily, ...." 

*this is my dad's profile picture on facebook. it makes me laugh every time i see it. so i made it the picture on my phone when he calls. i always forget that i did that, so every time he calls i laugh all over again. (btw, he's the one in the red shirt....)

*and on that note.... i think i'll wrap it up! :) hope y'all had wonderful thursday. 
happy friday eve, friends! 

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