Friday, June 22, 2012


"You're a little piece of heaven

You're a golden ray of light
And I wish I could protect you
From the worries of this lifeBut if there's one thing I could tell youIt's no matter what you doHold to JesusHe's holding on to you

The world will try to tell you
That might is more than right
That beauty's on the outsideAnd being good's a losing fightBut remember what I've told youBecause the world will make you chooseHold to JesusHe's holding on to you

Hold on to Jesus
Cling to His love
Rest deep in His mercyWhenever things get roughDon't lose sight of His goodnessAnd don't ever doubt this truthThat when you hold on to JesusHe's holding on to you

Hear me dear Jesus
Rock this little one to sleep
Keep her close when she's scaredAnd give her grace when she is weakI know she'll stumbleBut I know she'll make it throughIf you hold to her just likeYou said You'd do

Hold her Jesus
And she'll hold on tight to You."
Happy 3rd Birthday Libbi Jane. 
We love you more than you'll ever know!

*song lyrics: "Hold On To Jesus" by Erin O'Donnell

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