Tuesday, July 3, 2012

catch-up and a recipe...

first of all, thank y'all so much for all the texts, emails, messages, comments, etc. about the loss of my grandad. he was SUCH a wonderful man and we were definitely blessed by the celebration of his life this past weekend. if you would continue to keep my mawmaw (his wife of 54 years) in your prayers, i know it would mean so much to her.

since i've kind of been out of the loop for a few days, i thought i'd post a quick "catch-up" of pictures and try to get things back up to speed on the ole bloggy blog.

bear with me :)

libbi has been going to sports camp every monday morning this summer. she loves it! although...i have noticed her competitive edge coming out... ;)
we had libbi's three year old well visit and it went wonderfully! i (hopefully) have a post about that coming soon!!
laney was quite serious about the seating arrangements at the pediatrician's office
i told jeffrey that i was starting to worry libbi was like "sid" from toy story. i found this poor ariel doll with a fresh haircut, sans clothing, and missing her right eye. oh boy. it doesn't stop libbi from playing with her though!
on the night that we went up to the hospital to be with grandad, jeffrey was out of town. my sister in law was sweet enough to offer to come over to our house with my niece and watch all three girls (my two plus her one) and did i mention she's pregnant? what a trooper! we were SO thankful to her for coming over so i could go be with grandad during his final hours. libbi was BEYOND excited that "bay-kee" (blakeley) was coming over to sleep on her pillow surprise with her - ha! these sweet girls are proof that cousins make the best friends! :) 
sharing a chair at lunch. sweet, sweet girls! 
we finally made the move to a big girl bed for libbi. so far (mostly) so good. :)
poor laney, she's not safe anywhere - ha! :) 
love this sweet girl and her sweet little pout! 
we went out for mawmaw's birthday sunday night and this girl was a mess. a cute mess, but a mess just the same. 
we missed grandad this year, but were thankful to be able to spend mawmaw's birthday together with our family! :) 
i'll probably hate myself for writing this, because i know it will surely come back to haunt me, BUT...laney has been sleeping through the night for a few weeks now AND libbi has been sleeping later than 6:30AM!!! :) which means laney and i watch a little early morning tv in bed together each day. 
last night we had chicken parmesan pasta for supper. it's an easy weeknight favorite.
laney loves it. and libbi will usually eat "chicken sketti" too. :) i posted this picture on instagram and had a couple people ask for the recipe, so i thought i'd share it here!  
i'm sure i didn't make this up per se, but i can't find an original source anywhere. so if you created it - props to you. ha! :)

chicken parmesan pasta:
*2-3 chicken breasts cooked and shredded 
(i usually boil mine in advance - less prep work during the "witching hour")
*seasoning (i use italian seasonings, garlic, and salt/pepper. sometimes i even use one of the the mcCormick's spaghetti seasoning packets. you could really use anything you like...just something to give the chicken a little more flavor).
*angel hair pasta
*bread crumbs
*1-2 jars spaghetti sauce and/or marinara sauce
*mozzarella cheese

cook, season, and shred chicken.

cook pasta

mix together chicken, noodles, sauce and a sprinkle of cheese in a big bowl.
i use one full jar of marinara sauce in this step. (we like ours pretty saucy) and if needed, i add in more spaghetti sauce. it will LOOK very saucy, but it soaks up a lot of it while baking. 

layer the bottom of a casserole dish with the mixture (i've even used our loaf pan a time or two). cover with mozzarella cheese and a layer of bread crumbs. 

add another layer of the chicken mixture (i usually add in a little more spaghetti sauce during this step. it's kind of trial and error for how saucy you like it....) add another layer of bread crumbs. 

cover with aluminum foil and bake at 350 for around 20 minutes. 


cover the top with mozzarella cheese and return to oven for another 10 minutes or until cheese has melted and browned just a bit. 

there ya go! easy, right?! and please, don't ask me how many calories are in this or if it's part of a "clean" diet, mmmkay?? ;-) 

happy tuesday, friends! :) 

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