Tuesday, July 10, 2012

some laylay love...

sweet laylay girl has been so funny lately. her personality (and feistiness) has been showing through more and more each day. we laugh (and pray!) because we thought libbi was a little spit-fire....then came laney ;-)

her little expressions are hilarious. it's like she's a sassy old lady in a little baby body. obviously these looks won't be as funny when she's older (just ask libbi, she's a frequent flier in time-out these days for her "rude looks" oy!) but for now, we can still get away with secretly laughing about laney's.

here are a few of my favorite laylay looks:
the "maybe if i don't move, no one will notice i'm wearing ears" look

the "she said WHAT?!" look

the "girlfriend better check herself" look

the "most precious pouty faced sleeping baby on earth" look

the "five more minutes, mom!" look

the "i wonder what's going on over there?" look

the "if you think i'm getting my diaper changed you done lost 'yo mind" look

the "okay, maybe i DO need my diaper changed" look

the "that was YOU?!" look

the "feel sorry for me, i'm so pitiful, i have to sit in a box and eat a wooden box of cheese crackers" look
btw, what is it with my girls and sitting in boxes?! ha! :)

the "I OWN YOU!" look (also known as "beast mode") ;0)

the "freeze and just try to act natural" look

the "don't mess with me, i'm watching my shows" look

the "i'm so proud of myself" look

the "my sister can't be trusted" look

the "SEE?! I TOLD YOU!!!" look

and my personal favorite....
the "there's no place i'd rather be" look

what's your favorite laylay look? :)

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