Monday, July 16, 2012

weekend wrap-up...

before i do our weekend wrap-up, i wanted to mention that i have a new tab in the navigation bar. "L and L's Closet" consists of some of the girls' things that i am selling. i will update this periodically and try to let you know when new items have been added. check it out if you're interested! 

friday night we had a baby shower for some of our friends from small group. beth and ryan are going to welcome baby girl ryleigh any day now!
and tammy and jay are going to welcome baby boy paxton in about 8 weeks or so. it's always fun to get together with our small group - we have lots of fun and lots of laughs!
it's nice to be around people in the same stages of life that "get" how crazy things can be :)

my mom and dad came over to watch the girls. after milkshakes with mimzy, playing chase with buddy, and i'm sure everything else her little heart desired - you can imagine that libbi was thrilled to have us back home with her - ha! 
saturday morning we got ready and took libbi to a place called catch air. i'm convinced it's the toddler version of "wipeout."  libbi's favorite apparatus(?) was the moving carousel of inflatable balls. no matter how many times she fell off of it, she'd climb right back up and hold on for dear life until she fell again. she wasn't really into jumping because there were "too many big kids." so we basically paid $14 for libbi to wipeout every two seconds and for laney to climb up and down the stairs. good times :)
when we got home, it was time for naps. we figured at the very least the girls would be a little worn out and we'd get a nice nap out of them.
laney fell asleep pretty quickly and not long after that, jeffrey left to get his haircut, so i made the mistake of dozing off on the couch. i had the video monitor right beside me watching libbi, but i stupidly assumed that "quiet" meant "asleep." next thing i know, libbi is yelling for me to come upstairs. i walk into her room and i am immediately hit with the overpowering smell of baby lotion. then i notice that she is wearing her bathing suit (albeit inside out and sideways). she is covered in baby lotion from the tips of her toes to the top of her head (yes, hair included). and she couldn't be prouder. 
she announces she is ready for the "fwimmin' pool!" and proceeds to tell me how she has already put her suntan lotion on so i don't need to worry about it. y'all, she had her flipflops on, a bag packed, and she was convinced that was all she needed. she did not see any reason why we wouldn't immediately head out for the pool.
totally busted... did i mention she stripped her bed, too? 
SO proud....and ready for the pool! check out the sunscreened hair! - yikes! and she had her new bag packed (thanks to our sweet friend, ashley!)
once jeffrey came home and laney woke up, we did eventually make our way to the pool. after i put actual sunscreen on libbi :)
packing rapunzel for the pool (you can kind of see the "L" monogram under her arm in this pic - ha!
sunday morning we woke up bright and early for church. i think we got ready in record time. and another "record" for the morning - laney didn't cry a single tear when i dropped her off! woohoo! now, that doesn't mean she didn't cry while she was in the nursery, but at least i didn't have to pry her off of me at drop-off. that is MAJOR progress! 

after church we played on the playground for a bit, then went to lunch with some friends. we made it about 15 minutes in before we had to leave. libbi was happy as a clam, because one of her little friends had lipstick and fingernail polish. she could have stayed there all day. laney, on the otherhand, was ready to leave before we even stepped foot in the door. it's hard because libbi is finally at that age where she does okay in restaurants, while laney is just entering into the stage where she doesn't. thankfully, we know that it is just a stage and soon enough we'll be able to make it through a meal....right?....right?! ;-)
{check out laney's "Rat tail!"} 
the rest of the day consisted of our usual laundry, clean-up, prep for the week ahead. libbi has sports camp this week and her school camp starts this week, too. laney has her follow up with the ENT. and i am committing to at least four days at the gym this week - whew! it's a busy week for the tippins girls! hope y'all had a great weekend! 
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