Tuesday, July 24, 2012

what i'm loving wednesday...

is it weird that the bachelorette coming on sunday night instead of monday has totally thrown my days off?

don't answer that.

i've been thinking today is wednesday all day long. so much so that i was preparing my "what i'm loving wednesday" post and was just about to hit "publish" when i realized that today is in fact, not wednesday. oops. i blame you for this, chris harrison.

so, instead of revamping it, i'm just gonna go ahead and post it and give "what i'm loving wednesday" an alternate title: "what i'm loving wednesday on a tuesday thanks to chris harrison, emily, and jef (with one f)"

i'm loving watching my girls develop their own little personalities and unique quirks.
i'm loving that laney is our little "collector" as we like to call her. she loves to pick up as many things as she possibly can and take them to her own little hiding place. it's typically a chair or seat of some sort and she usually ends up trying to sit on them once they're arranged just so. it's rare that she doesn't have her hands full and an extra toy in her mouth for good measure. she would make an excellent chipmunk :)
i'm loving how funny libbi is lately. i could do an entire post on the funny things she says these days. actually, i probably will since my wednesday post is now up on tuesday - ha!
when i picked her up from camp the other day, i asked her if she had learned a new bible story. she began to tell me all about "moose" and how he helped the people. she said the "people kept saying, 'moose we're thirsty' and so "moose" gave them water from the rocks...." it took me a minute, but i finally figured out who she was talking about.
in the old testament, "moose" is more commonly referred to by his biblical name of moses :)
i'm loving the sweet friendship between libbi and her cousin blakeley. i have such fond memories of growing up with my cousins and i'd love nothing more than for my girls to have the same! libbi and blakeley are finally at the age where they actually play with each and not just around each other. laney is still a little young to "get it" but that doesn't stop her from jumping in on the action! :)
i'm loving the way libbi rides her scooter. to be honest, we had no idea she even knew how to ride one. her uncle john gave her this scooter for her birthday and lo and behold, she hopped right on it and took off. down a hill at the speed of light. score one for the parents of the year who never saw that one coming.
let's just say, she has a very distinct "style" of scooter riding. i kept thinking it looked familiar and finally it hit me:

i guess tv can teach us something after all. :)

and finally, i am loving that i am slowly but surely figuring out how to work my silhouette. i'm by no means an expert (yet - ha!) but i have managed to make a few things... precious laney girl FINALLY got some decor up on her walls - woohoo!

and i added the first of many (many) monograms to our kitchen. poor jeffrey didn't know what he was getting into when he bought me this machine! :)

hope y'all have a great tuesday (that i thought was wednesday!)

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