Monday, September 24, 2012

welcome fall...

who's ready for fall? THIS GIRL! i am SO ready for cooler temps, pumpkins, boots, cooler temps, football, cooler temps, layers, and did i mention cooler temps?! ;-)
since friday was the first "official" day of fall (and a *cool* 90 degrees), i decided to make a new door hanger for our front door. i made sure to let jeffrey know that while i didn't shower, cook supper, or do any laundry, i DID make productive use of nap time by crafting us a cute burlap door hanger. i know he was equal parts impressed and thrilled. 
in case you want to make one for yourself (and impress your husband with your craftiness and productivity) - here's a little step by step DIY:

i actually just drew straight on my burlap with an orange crayon (you can kind of see it around the "stem." then i folded it over (to make two pumpkins) and cut it out. i did it free hand, so it's not perfect, but i kind of like that about it. :)
i used a good ole' trusty sharpie and outlined my pumpkin shape. please take note of my professional workspace as well as the video monitor (to properly keep track of my napping assistants.... good help is SO hard to find!) and my newly cracked iphone. don't fret - these items are not necessary to complete a successful project. :)
just like with my apple door hanger, i used high-tech, state of the art resources to construct my pumpkin. the large polka dots were made using the front and back of this piece from a spool of ribbon. and the smaller polka dots were made using the cap of libbi's chapstick. (upon witnessing this, she decided that she really, really NEEDED some "lipstick." and was of course very distraught that i was painting with it. another prime example of why i try to craft during naptime).
i used tempera paint, puff paint, acrylic paint....basically whatever paint i had lying around. and i painted right on top of my sharpie lines. 
because what project is complete without a monogram?! this is the only part that really required some "work".... i used my silhouette to cut the monogram out of contact paper. i then put it on my pumpkin like a sticker and traced around it with paint, then i pulled it up and filled it in. 
you could do your monogram freehand, print out a template from the computer, or just use any phrase/initial/quote. i considered just doing a large "T" or writing "happy fall" but went with the monogram this time. 
i hot-glued the two pumpkins together, leaving an opening to stuff with grocery bags (thank you, kroger!) once it was full, i hot-glued the remainder together to seal it. 
i used some of the burlap scraps to make a bow and hot glued a little burlap "hook" on the back of the pumpkin. i had some green pipe cleaners in the closet, so i added those too. i really wanted to put some raffia around the stem, but i didn't have any on hand, so a ribbon and pipe cleaners it was! 
i added it to my front door for everyone (young and old) to enjoy! ;-)
happy fall, y'all! 
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