Thursday, October 18, 2012

31 days... day 18; an oldie but a goodie

this is an older video of libbi, but it's probably one of my favorites. it makes me laugh every time. unless you're my mom or dad, or jeffrey, you probably won't think it's as funny, but nevertheless, it's classic libbi....(and please ignore the mess, that's pretty much what our house looks like every day before naptime. these girls play HARD!) 
watch and enjoy :)

i seriously don't think there is anything funnier than watching her continue to shimmy long after the hula hoop has dropped to the floor. :-)

and for the record, when i was asking her "what's that called?" i wanted her to repeat "hula hoop" because the way she said it was so cute. but apparently she thought i was referring to her current condition (hence the "wedgie" answer...which i did NOT teach her!) ;-)

and at the end when she says, "you can't say lady!" it's because at the time this was filmed (a few months ago!) she had been calling me, "lady." as in, "i don't want to go to bed, lady!" again, no idea where that came from. but we had been reminding her over and over that "you can't say lady" so when i said it, she made sure to remind me - ha! this was also around the time that laylay learned to climb up on the couch. and that was ALL she wanted to do. she would literally lounge on the couch forever. 
love those funny girls! 

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