Friday, October 19, 2012

31 19; phone cleanse

just a quick post with some pictures i've been storing (aka hoarding) on my phone...
libbi has been into writing her name lately. apparently she ran out of paper and resorted to napkins. :)
she even called me into her room during "naptime" one day and was so excited because she has made an "L" and and "i" out of her bows....
libbi just wouldn't be libbi without all of her silly faces. love that girl! 
we're finally starting to make some headway on libbi's "big girl" room. i'm not sure who's more excited about that; libbi or laylay. :)
every time i see her hop up on libbi's bed, i can't help but think of kevin from home alone....
"libbi...i'm going through all your private stuff. you better come out and pound me!"-ha!
we love face time with the cousins! even itty bitty mattie :) 
the differences between a 3 year old and an (almost) 18 month old can be striking at times. 
where's libbi? :) 

our new niece, mattie. just two days new! 
i love this picture of the girls at mimzy and buddy's house. (you would never know they were actually staring at a dead bird on the porch. oops... maybe he was just really sleepy?) ;)
if this isn't the sweetest picture ever, i don't know what is! sweet girl just fell asleep reading her bible. :) 
i promise this looks worse than it was. not to mention, that's my brother - HER UNCLE!- filming her wipeout. and i'm pretty sure he's laughing.
laney has NO fear and would slide down this inflatable slide until we forced her to stop. she loved every face plantin' minute of it. 
she wakes up from nap with some serious bed head. (and she's learned how to say, "cheeeeese") 

libbi's school picture proofs. very *real housewives of new york* with the apple, no? ;-)

oh laylay. her hair only grows in one spot. we could make a ponytail with this long strand of hair. we're thinking billy ray cyrus for halloween? 
another picture saying, "cheeeeese!" and sportin' her "senator" hairdo :) 

loving those skeleton jammies! 

sleepy bones jones. :) 

checking out sister's teeth. 

can you find laney? i'm telling y'all...this girl is WILD! :)

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