Monday, October 22, 2012

31 days... day 22; real life

i posted yesterday about the shirts i made for the girls. i failed to mention the work that went into trying to get pictures of the girls in their shirts. seriously...why does it take so much time/energy/patience/bribery to have one little picture made?! 
there were quite a few outtakes that didn't make the cut. so i thought i would share them for your monday viewing pleasure and for a glimpse into "real life" ;-)

i wanted a cute picture of laney in her ghost shirt, but she wouldn't quit eating the alphabet puzzle. you'd think we never feed her.... 
so being the sweet mother that i am, i took it away from her and she exercised her new word, "THAT!" 

obviously, i didn't give in to "THAT!" poor, poor, pitiful laney. ;-)

and then there's libbi.....
not exactly what i had in mind when i asked her to "pose" for a picture. i was going more for "shirley temple" cute, she was going for "george costanza" 
when individual pics didn't go as planned, i went for the sister pictures.... 
they both have their cups and laney is eating a cookie. unbeknownst to libbi, her cinderella has conveniently fallen into laney's lap....
libbi is trying to "CHEESE!!!" and laney has discovered cinderella and abandoned her cup for it. girl's got a firm grip on that cookie, though. 
at this point, i'm pretty sure they're both considering their next move....

libbi has now noticed that laney has her cinderella...aka "the beginning of the end"
the cinderella is confiscated, a nose is wiped, a cookie is eaten, and oh yeah! did you get a look at their cute shirts??! ha! 
libbi is distraught because her cinderella is wet due to her teething sister. laney is obviously remorseful and decides to eat her feelings. 
libbi is using HER SHIRT (that i am so unsuccessfully trying to get a picture of!) to clean off cinderella. 
almost clean... and laney's still trying to figure out what's going on. 
libbi suddenly remembers i'm trying to take a picture. laney remembers she has a cookie. 
and this is as good as it gets.... at least they're both looking, right?! ;-)

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