Monday, October 29, 2012

31 days; day 29 - costume parade...

libbi had her costume parade at school today. it's one of her favorite days of the school year...and one of mine, too - ha! she loves it, because she gets to combine two of her favorite things: school and dress-up. i love it, because seeing all of the little kids in their costumes is just about the cutest thing ever. libbi had originally planned on wearing her georgia cheerleading uniform especially after their big win this weekend (go dawgs!!!) but after coming home from mimzy and buddy's house with a minnie mouse costume, she changed her mind. she made sure to tell me that a cheerleading uniform is "NOT a costume!" and that only things like "minnie mouse, belle, and spiderman" are. oookay, then. so her costume for the parade changed at bedtime last night. nothing like last minute. :)  

she gave a few poses before leaving for school this morning. she wasn't thrilled about wearing pants or a long sleeve shirt under her costume. minnie mouse does not wear pants. but after much "discussion" she finally conceded. (which tends to happen when given the choices of 1)put on pants with your costume or 2)wear your regular clothes). 

i dropped her off at school then went home to pick up jeffrey and laney. jeffrey had taken the day of work so he could go to the parade. we found our seats up front...and after dragging laney off the stage.... we settled in to get ready for the parade. 

precious libbi. i can always tell when she's nervous or unsure because she'll fold her little hands in front of her. the first lap around the audience she was clenching those hands and pretty much had a blank stare. but she was brave and kept on walking and doing her thing! :) 

by the second and third laps, she was feeling confident enough to give jeffrey a high five when she walked by. laney enjoyed the parade, too. she was watching all the kids walk by and waving to each one. 

after the parade ended, there was a cookie and juice reception (which is right up our alley!) but we had to pick libbi up from her classroom first. laney was so excited to see her sister and ran straight to her - it was the sweetest thing....

at least WE thought it was. libbi was a little unsure :) 

when we came home, the girls decided to have a parade of their own, complete with matching "hats".... and you may notice that both girls are missing a certain clothing item.... apparently pants aren't necessary in the tippins sister parade. :) 

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