Tuesday, October 30, 2012

day 30; date night...

it's not often that i get one on one time with my big girl. so when jeffrey volunteered to stay home with laney last weekend, libbi and i decided it was high time for us to go on a date. ;-)

she dressed herself for this lovely mother-daughter outing and was none too pleased that i requested she put a skirt over her leggings. (which just so happened to be white and completely see through....helllllo, dora panties!) 

our first stop was the park. swinging is definitely one of libbi's hobbies. that girl could stay on a swing for hours. she was swinging and sliding and having the time of her life. it was so much fun to just watch her have a good time and enjoy playing. she's at a great age for playgrounds (in my opinion) because she's able to play independently on most of the equipment and i don't have to worry about her stepping off a ledge or falling through some random opening (who designs these things anyway?!

when it was time to leave the playground, libbi had a bit of a meltdown. it wasn't one of our finer moments, but we made it to the car in one piece. as we were driving away she said, "momma...i'm sorry i was fussin' about leaving the park." SO sweet! i told her that i knew it was hard to leave and that sometimes doing the right thing is hard. i was really feeling this teachable parenting moment. and i was pretty sure she was, too. so when she said, "momma...i need to tell you sumfin'" i just knew it was gonna be good. 
i waited expectantly for her response to our heart to heart and she said, "sometimes....dogs wear sweaters." 

right. of course they do. ;-)

and that was just the beginning of our conversations throughout the car ride to the restaurant. as she was singing from the backseat i said, "libbi, you're a really good singer." to which she replied, "i know..... and you're a really loud singer." 
oops. guess i'll tone it down from the front seat. i didn't realize i was belting out 

frère jacques so forcefully. as we were pulling in to the mexican restaurant, we saw a convertible. libbi thought it was hilarious to see a car "without a top" and she laughed and laughed. i asked her if she knew what that kind of car was called and she told me it was "a....limo....limo.....lemonade!

if swinging is libbi's hobby, then a mexican restaurant is her own personal heaven. that girl LOVES her some chips and queso. we lucked out that the band was there and they were basically our own personal entertainment for the evening. libbi LOVED them when they were on the other side of the restaurant and she could just listen and watch, but when they approached her for a song request she immediately froze - ha! 
she was so still that i considered checking her pulse a few times. ;-)

we had the best time just talking and laughing. i was so happy to be able to spend some time with my big girl. it was such a treat to be able to take our time, talk to each other, and go at our own pace. i'm pretty sure libbi told me at least five times that this was her "most favorite day ever!" and that it was just "momma and libbi. no daddy, no yay-knee. just momma and libbi - the big girls!" and i have to say, i agree with her. our momma/daughter date night definitely went down in my books as one of my favorite days ever, too! i can't wait to do it again! :)

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