Thursday, November 1, 2012

memories of firsts....

jeffrey and i went out of town last weekend for the FIRST time since laney was born (almost 18 months ago!!) and truthfully, it's the FIRST time we've been away for more than one night since libbi was born (besides when we had laney...but that doesn't technically qualify as a "vacation"). so if you're doing the math, it's been over THREE YEARS (that's more than 1100 days!) since we've been alone. without kids. alone. (did i mention ALONE?!) for more than one day. ;-)

since it was the FIRST time i had left both girls, it was a little hard on my momma heart, but i knew they were in good hands which made it a little (teeny tiny) bit easier. ;-)

Jeffrey and I drove to amelia island-it was the FIRST time either of us had been there. when we arrived, we were tired, but ready to check out the town. we walked around downtown for a little while (there's LOTS of people watching to be had over GA/FLA weekend - ha!) and then decided on a place to eat. it was the FIRST time we'd actually sat down to supper without having to worry about feeding anyone but ourselves or rushing home to put a certain baby (*cough*laney*cough) to bed in a long while. we walked around a little bit more after dinner and stopped in a fudge shoppe for some treats to take home. we had to laugh at ourselves, because we were pretty sure that most people in town for the ga/fla weekend were not lying in bed by 8:30 eating fudge. :)  

FIRST thing saturday morning we woke up and headed to buy a breast pump. another "perk" of being childless for the weekend - haha! i'm almost positive we were the FIRST couple to head out to target after a wild and crazy night (of eating fudge and going to bed early) to buy a breast pump. i highly doubt those were in high demand among the ga/fla crowd. :)

we finished getting ready and then headed to jacksonville for the big game!! we were SO blessed to have a friend gift us with tickets to the game. thank you so much, chris! 
it also happened to be the FIRST georgia/florida game jeffrey and i had been to together since we've been married. we sat next to some sweet boys and their dad and it was their FIRST georgia game ever. they were beyond excited and even though it wasn't our FIRST game, so were we! 

while we were watching the dawgs play, our girls were having a great time at mimzy and buddy's church fall festival. this was the FIRST year laney really got to enjoy the festival and it's perks. and i'm pretty sure it was a life changing experience for her. i'm sure it had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that she had her FIRST (and 2nd, and 3rd, and 4th, and...) lollipop. :)

after watching our dawgs win (woohoo!) we headed back to amelia island and had another crazy night of.... going to bed early - ha! we really let loose when we leave the kids at home. sometimes we even stay up til 9:30 or so. ;-) 

FIRST thing sunday morning we headed home to pick up our babies! the FIRST thing laney did was scream and run towards us. she then proceeded to cling to me like a baby monkey and wouldn't let me out of her sight. unfortunately libbi's reaction wasn't quite so "welcoming." she was happy to see us, but not once she realized we were taking her with us. she spent the FIRST 30 minutes of our drive home crying because she wanted to go back to buddy and mimzy's house. we were feeling the love. :)

all in all, our FIRST trip out of town and our FIRST time leaving the girls for the weekend was a success. and i'm hoping it will be the FIRST of many more trips to come (and many more wins against florida!) 

Happy November FIRST! :) 
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