Tuesday, November 13, 2012

18 months...because 1 and a half sounds too old...

laney james, you are 18 months old!!!! now, excuse me while i hide in a corner and cry. ;-) how in the world you are officially a year and a half old is beyond me. i still feel like you are my little baby, but i can see evidence of the toddler you've become more and more each day. these past few months have been *big* for you.... for all of us, really. you've experienced quite a few "firsts" (some of which were looooong overdue!)

you spent the night at buddy and mimzy's for the first time. this.was.huge.
for both of us! seeing as how you weren't technically fully weaned when i left you with buddy and mimzy for the weekend, it was a major leap for me to feel okay about leaving you. and you know what? you were awesome! you had the time of your life! and i can now officially say that you are 100% done nursing. although there is not a doubt in my mind that you would love to pick it right back up if i let you. but, believe me when i say, it was time. :)

you wear mostly 18-24 month clothes, a size 4/5 diaper, and a size 5W shoe..... when you wear them. you are not really a fan of shoes. and socks completely push you over the edge. we've gotten a few "looks" recently when we've been out in public in the freezing cold and you're wearing shoes with no socks. i really want to tell people, "look.... YOU try to put socks on her and then we'll talk." ;-)

not only do you look completely different from your sister at this age, your personality is one of a kind as well. libbi was a curious toddler and somewhat sneaky at times. you.... well, you are a wild woman! you have STRONG opinions and you make them known. i'm not really surprised though since you've basically been giving us fits since before you were even born - ha! it's safe to say you have perfected the art of the temper tantrum and animal growl when you don't get your way. it's a good thing you are tough, because you have thrown yourself down on some pretty rough surfaces lately.

you are a daredevil. you have no fear and will pretty much try anything. if it's in your way, you'll climb it. if it's elevated, you'll jump off of it. if it's not bolted to the floor, you'll move it. i never knew a little girl could get into so much trouble so fast. just the other day you dumped my makeup bag in the bathtub and then turned on the water. i was just trying to go to the bathroom.

while you can be quite temperamental at times, you can also be the sweetest, funniest little girl. when you're happy...we're all happy! you make us laugh with your funny faces and silly personality. and there's nothing sweeter than when you grab my hand to lead me where you want me to go (minus the screaming of "GO!") :) we all still call you "lay-lay" and you don't seem to mind. :)

your vocabulary is increasing by leaps and bounds and we're so proud of how much you've learned! some of your words include: "go, no, momma, daddy, bu-bu (buddy), baby, dog, shoes, sock, cup, thank you, hey, bye, night-night, i love (love you), up, jump, uh-oh, i got it, all gone, all done" and a few more. you know lots of animal sounds and love making them on command. libbi likes to ask you in the car, "yay-knee...what does a horsie say?" and "what does a monkey say?" and it never fails to make us smile hearing the two of y'all go through your repertoire of animal sounds.

you love dancing and music of any kind. "i like to move it, move it" is your jam! you will bust a move to that song any time you hear it. no matter where you are in the house if that song starts playing, you stop what you're doing and start dancing. and it is entertaining every single time.

you have (finally!!!!) started sleeping through the night...although not consistently. of course you started sleeping through the night the week before the time change. and unfortunately, you still haven't readjusted. i'm extremely happy if you'll sleep 8 consecutive hours. you go to bed around 7:30 and will typically wake up around 5:45. (although sometimes it's 1:30, 3:15, 4:30....). and when you wake up, you're ready to go. when libbi was your age, i could get away with sneaking in an extra 20-30 minutes of sleep because she'd lie in my bed and watch mickey mouse clubhouse. not you. no lying in the bed watching cartoons for you. you are ready to "GO!" you take one nap a day. typically from 1:30-3:30 or 4. and 95% of the time you wake up from your nap grouchy. sometimes you snap out of it, sometimes you don't.

you love your sister. and you love to irritate your sister. :)
you love your daddy and you get so excited to see him each day. nothing makes you smile as big as when your daddy walks through the door. you love your momma, too though. and we (still!) have a bit of a meltdown anytime you are left in the nursery. but i'm sure easier drop-offs are right around the corner... right?!!?!
laney james, we love you more and more with each passing day and we are beyond thankful that the Lord blessed us with you! our family just wouldn't be the same without you. we love you precious laylay girl!
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