Friday, November 16, 2012

5 friday fav's

because who doesn't love some alliteration?! ;-)
Five Favorites....

 oh, laylay.... she is just so proud of herself for being able to climb in and out of the baby doll crib. it's hard to get mad at that face. :) 

 daddy brought home a sweet treat for his sweet girls one night this week. i'm pretty sure they enjoyed it... 

story time :) 

laney and i were running errands while libbi was at school. she was living the good life, for sure. (let's not mention the fact that we went into the store for a gallon of milk. that's it. and somebody lost her ever loving mind wanting to ride in the germ mobile. and since libbi wasn't with us, laney was thrilled she had two steering wheels to lick instead of one. thankyouverymuch). 

before school this morning. sweet sisters. (and libbi has her arms full of all her princesses-like usual these days). 

1.we're taking libbi to her first georgia game tomorrow. i'm excited for her. she has had so many questions..... "will the band be inside or outside? will they have violins? will the dog be there? will he be able to get in my seat?" and on and on. 
2. we're celebrating thanksgiving with my side of the family on sunday afternoon. i can't wait! 
3. we're also celebrating thanksgiving with some of jeffrey's side of the family on sunday. it is going to be a full day.... in more ways than one!
4. christmas shopping. woot woot! 
5. christmas decorating - the tippins' are dedicating their house to the griswold family this year. ;)

1. i made stocking door hangers for the girls' doors. libbi's is complete, but laney's is still in the works, although i don't think she's noticed.
2. placemats! i've been hard at work making lots of cute little placemats for thanksgiving. 

there's still time if you're interested in ordering one!! click HERE for all the details. 
3. thanksgiving treat bags for libbi's class. today was her last day of school before thanksgiving break, so she took in some sweet treats for her little friends. 
4. photobooks.... i've been hard at work on some photobooks - but that's all i can tell you, because they are gifts for certain family members that may or may not read this blog!
5. enchiladas. tonight was enchilada night at the tippins house. always a good way to end a friday night. :) 

1. libbi made this placemat at school. apparently laney didn't make the "thankful list" this year. we'll just tell her she was redshirted. :) 
and funny enough, i'm pretty sure libbi doesn't even have a belle doll and i know for a fact she doesn't like vegetables. i guess jeffrey and i should be grateful we made the cut!

2. the winner for the MyMemories giveaway was chosen! congrats to should have an email from me! sorry it took me so long to announce! 
3. if you didn't win, don't forget you can still use the code: STMMMS42656 at to receive $10 off the software AND $10 towards the mymemories digital store!
4. there is still a melissa and doug giveaway going on-Click HERE to enter.
5. laylay STILL hasn't adjusted to the time change....which means 6 oclock wake up calls every morning (sometimes earlier). so off to bed i go! 

happy friday, friends!! 
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