Sunday, November 11, 2012

weekend and catch-up...

we've been busy since i last posted! 
here's a quick recap...

this past week we:

*tasted chocolate pudding for the first time (pretty sure it was a hit) ;-)

*shared chocolate pudding with cinderella

* voted (even though libbi was positive i said we were going on a "boat")

*spent the night at buddy and mimzy's house while jeffrey was out of town.

*relaxed (but not for long) ;-)

*got reacquainted with the babies at buddy and mimzy's house...

*had a "girls only" lunch where we bonded over our love of cheese dip while daddy golfed.

* held hands in the car.

*had a hair appointment (woohoo!) 

*had family pictures made. (graceful, as always)

*slept in momma and daddy's bed while waiting for daddy to get home from the GA/AU game. 

*went to church

*ate spaghetti

*dressed up.... a lot. :)

and at 7:45 tonight, libbi said, "momma.... i'm ready for bed.
guess she's gearing up for another busy week - ha! ;)

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