Friday, December 28, 2012

christmas 2012....

i took an unintentional hiatus from blogging this past week. we were so busy with all of our christmas festivities (grandparents x 4, church, shopping, etc.) that i really didn't have time to blog. then libbi accidentally knocked the mac off onto the floor. it happened christmas morning (i guess she was a little too excited) and to be honest, i never even picked it up until then next evening. and when i did, i noticed this....

ugh. not a good sign. i'm making an appointment at apple to have it looked at, but for now, i'm just using the "left side only" of the computer - ha! i've still been checking in (kind of) from my phone, but i'm a horrible typer on my phone, so i tend to just read aka stalk while i'm on it. i rarely comment or type anything. now you know my secret. :)

anyway, i have LOTS to catch up on, so the next few days will be full of our end of christmas posts and all the memories that i want to preserve for posterity.
starting with our annual tradition of visiting santa and riding the pink pig!
(laney is wondering who in the world has the audacity to touch her....) ;-)
we had originally planned to go a few weeks ago, but both jeffrey and libbi ended up sick (another reason blogging has taken a back seat....seems like i've been the only one in our family *knock on wood* that hasn't caught the nasty viruses going around). so we rescheduled our visit and jeffrey took the day off work so we could all make the trek downtown together.

i have to say, i was VERY uncertain how it would go. libbi has done fairly well with santa in years past. she wasn't exactly thrilled, but she appeased us and sat on his lap. as you can see from her past pictures, she has the blue steel look down to an art. libbi is very independent, but is also very cautious. she likes to assess the situation and make sure she is fully aware of what's going on before she decides if she wants to participate. she's not one to take kindly to being "placed" on a strange man's lap. :)
about a week out from seeing santa, she started saying things like, "i don't want to go." "i'm not going to say 'hi' to him." and "i don't think i want to see santa this year." so it's safe to say i was a little worried. and we all know that laney runs screaming at the sight of her own shadow, so i was pretty sure she'd have to be pried off of me, have a screaming picture made, and then fed cookies the rest of the day to make up for the injustice of it all.

but, lo and behold, the night before our big visit, libbi decided she did, in fact, want to see santa and she was ready to go! she helped write a list to give him and she was genuinely excited about seeing him the next day. when we arrived at the mall, we walked right up and libbi was able to give santa her list. she was a little tentative at first, but she did great! we were so proud. she even gave him a little hug (which is HUGE for her. she is not a hugger at all. she'd much rather high five - ha!) the entire time libbi was visiting santa, laney was clinging to me like a baby monkey. she had her arms wrapper tightly around my neck and her legs around my waist. i was prepared for the worst.
but again, i was totally (and pleasantly!) surprised when she actually let me place her on his lap. she had a brief moment where she looked like she might lose it, but she quickly regained her composure and sat on his knee like a champ.
reading her list...

to be honest, the most traumatic part of the entire santa experience was a toss up between having to wrestle laney back into the stroller and paying $30 for a CD of three (3!) pictures. ;-)

after our santa visit (and a cookie of course) we headed upstairs to ride the pink pig. this was libbi's third year to ride and laney's second. both girls were excited and it was fun to see them really enjoy it. laney waved the entire time and libbi was just thrilled to be there. she was not thrilled about leaving. or having her picture made. but that's just par for the course.

we had such a great time and it was a wonderful day - one for the memory books for sure! it's crazy to see how much the girls grow and change from year to year.... i'm sure next year when i look back on this, they will seem like such babies. i need time to slow down! :)
(can you tell that libbi clasps her hands together when she's nervous?) ;-)

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