Friday, December 21, 2012

christmas card 2012....

i'm linking up with my sweet friends, kelly and faith to share our 2012 christmas card. i finally got them all sent out, so it's time share it on the blog.
thank you to everyone that has sent us cards this year! it just thrills my soul (and my girls'!) to see all of these sweet faces each day!  
if you didn't receive one from us, i promise it's not because you were "cut" from the list. it was because i totally underestimated how many i needed and didn't order near enough. next year i'll plan better! :) 

the photos on our card were taken by our wonderful photographer and friend, justin of 375photography. the cards were ordered from shutterfly
here is the 2012 tippins family christmas card: 
funny story about the back of our card....
we didn't set out to take pictures with our sunglasses on. we're not that cool. :) 
when libbi heard we were going to have our pictures made, she came downstairs in her sunglasses, tiara, and a purse and said, "I'M READDDDDY!" ha!
she had packed her entire purse full of sunglasses (about 5-6 pair) and she insisted on bringing them with her. we were able to talk her out of the tiara, but the sunglasses were a bit trickier. since jeffrey and i had our own pairs because it was so sunny outside, we decided to let laney borrow a pair of libbi's and go for the sunglasses family photo. and of course, out of all the pictures we took, these were some of the only ones were everyone {appears to be} looking at the camera. go figure! :) 

to see our christmas cards of the past, click on the links below: 

Merry Christmas!! 
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