Monday, January 28, 2013

a few details...

first of all, thank y'all so much for all the sweet comments, tweets, emails, texts, etc. about our newest baby tippins. we are SO excited!

secondly, sorry to post and disappear last week, but unfortunately, the dreaded stomach virus hit our house on friday and i'm just now feeling like i'm back in the land of the living. if you know me at all, then you know that the stomach bug is seriously one of my worst nightmares. but i survived. i also realized that i haven't had it since i was a freshman in college. which happens to have been 13 years ago. so after thinking on that i not only felt sick as a dog, but i also felt incredibly old. ;)

poor libbi had the bug too and she handled it like a champ. she's feeling better and back at school today. she's most excited to "eat some cheese" today- ha! :)

now onto baby #3....

due date: as of right now, it's 8/4. my ultrasound and LMP didn't exactly line up, so we're going by the ultrasound for now since it seems to be more accurate.
but, if this baby is anything like his/her big sisters then i'm expecting a late july arrival instead of early august. but only time will tell. :)

how far along: almost 14 wks.

the most popular question i've been asked so far is, "will you find out the gender?"
and the answer is.... YES!! :)
in case you didn't know, we waited to find out the gender with laney, so lots of our friends and family were wondering if we would be surprised with this baby too. and i can tell you it's a great, big, fat, resounding, "NO!" haha! the surprise element was just not for me. we love our little laylay to pieces, but i did not love waiting to find out if she was a boy or a girl. as soon as our doctor wants to tell us, we'll be glad to hear if we're having a boy or a girl.

we found out we were expecting right after thanksgiving, so i've known for a while. we told my parents right around christmas time. we wanted to wait to tell everyone, but i had been feeling so sick and jeffrey was traveling a lot, so i needed help! :)
my mom and dad were more than happy to help with the girls while he was out of town and we spent quite a few nights at their house while jeffrey was traveling. it made life a little easier to have an extra set of hands.

i've been to the doctor several times due to some past complications, but everything has looked really good so far. this was another reason i wanted (needed) to tell my parents - i was sick and tired of bringing the girls with me to my appointments - ha! i was more than ready to go it alone. they were troopers, but no one likes going to the doctor's office. especially when there's usually long waits involved. so it was nice to be able to have someone watch them for me without trying to come up with an excuse. and it was nice to be able to go to my appointments without worrying about my blood pressure being through the roof. ;)

i'm finally starting to feel better (besides the whole stomach virus thing - ugh!) and i really think it's due to the second trimester and being able to stop the progesterone supplements that i had to take throughout the first trimester. they made me feel so sick and incredibly tired. i may or may not have told jeffrey that i'd lost the will to live - ha!
i know he loves me, but i'm thinking he might not have been too disappointed to be out of town on some of those business trips. i'm sure it was a nice little reprieve for him ;-)

thanks again for all of your sweet messages - it was so much fun to read all of them! i'm sure i'll be updating again soon. hopefully more frequently now!! :)
happy monday, friends!

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