Friday, February 1, 2013

memories of firsts...

the tippins girls have been busy during the month of january! instead of posting our usual "memories of firsts on the first" post i've decided to just share some of the firsts that we experienced during the month of january....

laney had her FIRST day of school! she and libbi go to school together every monday and friday (libbi goes solo on wednesdays). even though they're not in the same class, libbi wasn't too thrilled about laney attending "her school" at FIRST, but we soon realized it was mainly because she thought she was going to have to share her lunch - ha! ;-)
laney still screams as they pry her out of the car every morning, but by the time she reaches the building, she's a happy, happy girl. she's gotten great reports every day and she loves playing with all the "babies" 

libbi had her FIRST day of ballet and gymnastics! she is such an active climber/flipper/acrobat that i really wanted to get her involved in gymnastics. however, she was ADAMANT that she wanted to do ballet. (her idea of ballet and actual ballet are a little different...)
i was so thrilled when i found a combination class! she takes 30 minutes of ballet in the dance studio, then they move into the gym for 30 minutes of gymnastics. to say she loves it is a serious understatement. she counts down the days until she goes to ballet again. she wears her leotard non-stop. and just as much as SHE loves it, i love watching her even more! unfortunately, laney doesn't feel quite the same. it's pure torture for her to watch libbi out on the gym floor and not be able to join her. maybe one day laylay!
i'm sure there will be lots more posts in the future on our ballet and gymnastics adventures. 

laney had her FIRST haircut in the month of january. i finally bit the bullet and had her little baby mullet cut. it was not nearly as traumatic (for either one of us) as i expected it to be. candy is a wonderful thing. and laney will do just about anything for it. 

libbi also had her hair cut and while it wasn't her FIRST one, it was the FIRST time she's had her nails done at the "salon." she thought she was big stuff. and she totally picked out sparkly purple and neon pink. go big or go home, right? 
thank goodness that stuff was peeling off before it was even bath time - ha! 
{i spy a little hand trying to swipe her own polish? ;-)}

and finally, i can't mention the milestone FIRSTS of the tippins girls without mentioning one for the biggest tippins girl...ME! and my "FIRST" of the month of january is a bit of a confession...
i was pulled over for the FIRST time (ever!) yesterday - ah! i am so mortified. and want to know what makes it even better??
jeffrey had just called our city police station a few days ago to report lots of speeding and running of stop signs on the main street in our neighborhood. the officers agreed that it is a problem and told him they would put patrol cars out to monitor. guess who was the FIRST person they pulled over?! that would be me; the wife of the complaint filer. how's that for ironic? :) 
apparently i did not come to a complete stop at the four way stop. i "yielded" instead of stopping. the officer was very kind and gave me a warning... in between all of his laughing. guess i'm the hoodlum all my neighbors need to watch out for. oops

january was full of FIRSTS for our family and we're looking forward to a february full of LOVE! :) 

happy FIRST day of february, friends!

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