Thursday, February 7, 2013

oh, libbi...

it's no secret that libbi keeps us on our toes. that girl is a mess! she is always doing and saying things that just crack us up (and/or shock us - ha!) 
here are a few of my favorite libbi moments as of late: 

*she's been calling laney, "lane" for about a month or so. when laney was just an itty bitty baby (and libbi was not yet even two...what?!) she called her "yay-yay." not long after, she moved on to "yay-knee." and even though those nicknames are still some of mine and jeffrey's personal favorites, it seems as though libbi has decided to stick with "lane" (she's also finally perfected the pronunciation of her "L's"). it still makes me laugh to hear her say, "lay-ane" (she likes to draw it out into two syllables) every time she talks to laney or tries to get her attention. jeffrey and i still call her lay-lay or even yay-knee. poor child will probably never know her true name. ;) 

*libbi has been very into cleaning hers and laney's rooms lately. for some reason, she's obsessed with putting their name pillows outside the doors once she has "cleaned."  she wants to make absolutely sure that if anyone comes over they will know which room is laney's and which room is hers (nevermind the fact that laney has a crib and she has a bed. or that they both have their names mounted on the wall somewhere inside their actual rooms).  she even asks me to set the pillow up outside her door after she goes to bed at night. 

*libbi is in that precarious stage where her vocabulary and observation skills far outweigh her filter. it's always a possibility that she will say or do something that is best left undone or unsaid. especially in a public place. but never fear, she will also make sure to call me out at home whenever the opportunity arises. the other day, i was getting ready for the day (which is a small miracle in itself) and libbi kept asking me whose clothes i had borrowed. obviously she's fairly certain i only own pajamas and yoga pants. 

*libbi loves taking polls. she will ask any question that comes to mind and expect us to answer with a hearty, "ME!" laney also loves this game and no matter the question, her answer is always, "MEEEEEEE!" libbi will ask things such as, "who likes to drink chocolate milk?" or "who is going to school today?" and everyone around is expected to answer. a few days ago, she was playing her game of questions and she asked, "who's been in their jammies for all the long days?!" and i could feel her staring accusingly at me just waiting for me to say, "ME!" ouch. busted.
in my defense, i had just recovered from the stomach bug. i don't normally stay in my jammies for "all the long days" (aka lots of days in a row) but i guess if i ever decide to again, libbi will make sure it's noted. 

*she loves playing with her stuffed dogs. she's named one of them "milo" (after my sister's dog) and the other is "bax" (after the dog on the little mermaid, whose name happens to be "Max" but she thinks it's Bax - ha!) anyway, she loves these little dogs and walks them, feeds them, plays with them. but if she comes anywhere near an actual dog, it's all over with. she's scared to death. she's not much of an animal lover. lately, she's been making sure that i keep the book, "pete the cat" in our room. she loves to read the book, but she "does not want that cat in her room." so pete stays with us. 

*today i was telling her that once the baby starts growing even more, i will need her to help me. i explained that it might be hard for me to bend over and pick things up off the floor or lean way down to put on laney's shoes. i stressed the fact that she'd need to help me when this time comes. she proceeded to demonstrate ways that i could bend over and pick things up. she kept telling me that all i needed to do was try and try again as she showed me different techniques for bending over with a belly. i said, "i know, but when the baby is growing so big in my tummy, i'm going to need your help with cleaning." (thinking that she'd actually BE my helper). instead, she says, "MOMMA! i just showed you how to do it." apparently she thought demonstrating was enough "help."
{watching tv in a tote bag...} ;-)
we just love our funny, sassy girl! :) 

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