Monday, February 11, 2013

big girl...

i figured this sweet girl deserved a post of her own, because she's done some BIG things the past couple of weeks....
guess who is now doing nursery drop off with NO CRYING?!?! 
cute shirt courtesy of Goat & Lulu

and, not only that, but she's also going to school and WALKING into the building (As opposed to being pried out of the car kicking and screaming) with NO TEARS! woohoo!!!

this is HUGE, y'all. it started last sunday at church. she went into the nursery without a single tear and even smiled. i was SO excited, but not quite sure it wasn't a fluke of some sort. then, the next day, she actually let me unbuckle her in carpool line (instead of screaming, "NO!!!" and trying to buckle herself back - ha!) and when she willingly got out of the car when the teacher came to get her, i almost fell out. 
{waiting - with NO tears- in the carpool line! :)}
this happened again on friday, and again on sunday at church, and again today at school. so i think it's safe to say we may have turned a corner. i told jeffrey this and he said, "well, i think it's about time...she IS almost two." this made me want to laugh and cry all at the same time. but yes, she has been screaming like a maniac every sunday for almost two years. but what's in the past is in the past, right? and we're looking forward to our smiley sundays and school days ahead! :) 
way to go, laylay!!

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