Saturday, January 5, 2013 january :)

i just realized i never posted about christmas. oops. 
better late than never, right? i know we're into the first week of january, but i just can't move forward without one last christmas post! :)

it seems fitting that i'm just now writing about it since it seems as though our house and our girls! are just now recovering from it - ha! we did christmas at my mom and dad's on saturday morning, christmas at my mawmaw's on sunday afternoon, christmas with jeffrey's dad on sunday evening, christmas with jeffrey's mom on monday, and then our family christmas on (the actual) christmas day. so it's safe to say that our girls didn't know what to do with themselves once people weren't throwing gifts at them left and right. it's hard to teach about moderation and gratefulness during such an overwhelming time...amen?! we were reviewing with libbi before one of the family christmases about being appreciative and thanking the person who gave you a gift. we were trying to stress not flying through gifts and greedily asking for the next one. i thought we were getting through until she said, "but momma, i can just say "please can i have another present?" that's nice manners, right?!" well, yes.... and no. ;-)

when we were at buddy and mimzy's (my mom and dad's) laney was still recovering from her yucky bug earlier in the week. it took her a little while to warm up to opening presents. 

libbi, on the other hand, was ready from the get go. 

you'd think our girls weren't used to getting something new, seeing as how the couldn't even wait to get it out of the box before trying it out. oh well, they were excited!

and while some people may have santa at their christmas parties, we do things a little differently. we have Pocahontas. 'tis the season. ;)

libbi's only request from santa was the "dollhouse with all the princesses." 
and honestly, "Santa" debated long and hard about this gift. the reviews were terrible. absolutely terrible. and the price tag was even worse. but after much back and forth, we decided that it just wouldn't be christmas without buying one big hunk of junk that would make her more excited than anything else. 

and it's safe to say that all of the reviews were correct. the dollhouse is pretty much already hanging on by a thread. if it came with 50 pieces, we were down to 25 by lunchtime christmas day. but you know what? it was worth (almost) every penny. ;)

when libbi saw her dollhouse she was in complete shock. she didn't even want to touch it at first - ha! she and laney just kept staring at in awe. 

and then the shock wore off for laney and she started trying to climb the stairs and lie in the beds. and libbi began yelling "NO LANEY!" and we all joined in with a chorus of silent night. 

laney got her own dollhouse and some baby dolls. laylay loves her babies. 

the highlights of the morning for the girls were: 
libbi's box of bandaids and days of the week panties. 

laney's flashlight (that she thought was a phone). 

it's true what they say, though - there really is nothing like christmas when you have kids. cheesy as it may sound, we don't need any gifts - it's more than enough for jeffrey and i to just watch the joy on our girls' faces. 
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