Tuesday, January 8, 2013

little helpers...

sometimes i wonder why it's so hard for me to get things done around the house since i have two willing helpers at my beck and call. my girls are more than willing to "help" whenever they see a need.

take laundry, for example. it's hard to explain how much laney loves clean laundry.
whenever i have a load of clothes fresh out of the dryer, she can't help herself. she HAS to face plant into the clean pile of clothes and roll around in it like a pig in the mud. it doesn't matter if she's eating, playing, reading, whatever. like a moth to a flame, that girl is drawn to clothes straight out of the dryer. and not only that, but she also thinks that every pair of libbi's panties is her own personal hairnet. you can imagine how much this thrills libbi.

cooking is a breeze - especially when i have two (apparently starving) little girls hanging over the babygate into the kitchen barking out orders. you'd never guess they had just eaten a snack a mere 30 minutes prior. for some reason, as soon as i enter the kitchen, they feel the need to "help" direct me. it's a wonder i make it out alive. see also: this is why i love the crockpot. ;)

libbi can really be a good helper...when she wants to be. but i guess the same could be said for all of us. :)
she is quick to help laney open drawers or reach toys that are up too high, she's also quick to "help" laney try things that she knows are off limits. but that's what sisters are for, right?

libbi is constantly monitoring the state of laney's diaper. if i had a nickel for every time i heard, "momma, i think she really did poop!" i could easily pay someone else to change diapers for me. :) only that "someone" wouldn't be laney's three-year-old sister.

because you know what's not helpful? at all? when libbi tries to change laney's diaper herself. in fact, it's quite the opposite of helpful. yesterday, the girls were in the playroom and i THOUGHT they were playing with the dollhouse together so i walked into the kitchen to get supper started. the next thing i know i hear libbi yelling, "'MERGENCY! Laney really did poo-poo and it's on her hands!!" admittedly, i wasn't too concerned at first, because i knew that laney already had on her one-piece jammies and i also knew that she doesn't know how to unzip them by herself (thank goodness!)

so i wasn't really too worried at this moment. i thought libbi just might be confused. then i heard, "IT'S ON THE FLOOR!!" and i thought, what in the world??!
let me just tell you, i was not prepared for what i saw when i rounded the corner.
there was laney, lying on the floor, with her jammies completely unzipped and libbi was standing over her with a look of sheer panic. the diaper was no longer on laney's body. her hands were covered. her arms and chest were covered. and there was a small "pile" on the floor. neither girl was moving. i think they were both in shock.

and can someone please explain to me why laney acts like we are peeling off her toenails when we try to change her diaper, yet if LIBBI tries, she will lie completely still and not make a peep?! (thanks for the heads up laylay!)
how does THAT make any sense?!
needless to say, laney got a bath. libbi got a nice long lesson on ways that are appropriate to help and ways that are not. the carpet was cleaned. and supper was a little later than planned. oh, and i'm pretty sure jeffrey was saying his prayers of thankfulness that he had not made it home for work until the aftermath had been cleaned up. ;-)

life is always interesting and i've got two little helpers that make sure of it! but i wouldn't have it any other way (minus the whole diaper thing...) ;-)

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