Thursday, February 21, 2013


i've been in a blog rut lately, so i decided to take a page from my friend amanda and channel my inner jones design company
here's little random bits of life lately...

-watching my girls play together (when they're not fighting - ha!)

-"loving our kids on purpose" with my young moms small group. 
-my girls' current favorite children's books, "yum yum! what fun!" and "snip snap!: what's that?
-and the ever popular, always enlightening, people magazine. i'd say that's a pretty well-rounded list, no? ;)

waiting for: 
-THE big appointment when we'll find out if baby tippins is a boy or girl!! we were going to find out last week, but the ultrasound tech was out sick. boo! it's just as well since jeffrey couldn't be there and they were letting me find out a little early, so i guess it "worked out"....but, we'll find out in two weeks! (for sure!!!)

excited about: 
-see above. ;-) 
-our upcoming trip to fripp island.
-spring shopping for my girls. 
-and supper tonight. just being honest. ;)

trying to: 
-find the motivation to clean the bathrooms. 
-wake up before my girls. (but laney's 6:30 internal alarm makes this really difficult)

working on:
-easter placemats. these are some rough drafts, there's still more designs in the works. hoping to have them up and posted by march 1st. 
(let me know if you're interested!)
-fun projects for my girls.
-blogging more consistently.

-reruns of "house." especially during my ever present pregnancy insomnia. although, it doesn't do much to alleviate my hypochondriac tendencies. now instead of googling every ache and pain i notice, i'm absolutely certain that i have some rare phenomenon. oh well, i still love dr. house. and dr. chase....mostly because he reminds me of justin timberlake. ;)

-the bathroom at least three times during the night. thank you pregnancy bladder and pregnancy insomnia. 

-maternity clothes. oh joy. :) 
the need for those stretchy pants seems to arise a bit earlier with each pregnancy. i'm still in the stage where i actually don't mind wearing them, yet. but i know the time will come when i feel like i've been wearing the same old elastic waisted pants and maxi dresses for months on end and i'll be dying to wear something that actually buttons and zips. then i'll have the baby and long for elastics waists once again. the grass is always greener, right? 

-our upcoming trip (woohoo!!!)
-beginning to think about birthday parties for two of my favorite little girlies. although this year, i think we're going to go pretty low-key. as much as i love to plan a party, this year my goal is to focus on the person; not the party. wish me luck!
-easter baskets and easter outfits. since we'll be at the beach for easter this year, i'm thinking maybe a beach themed basket?? or maybe not, since easter is in MARCH!!! who came up with THAT?! :)

-if i'm being honest, the doc mcstuffins theme song is stuck in my head almost all day, every day -ha! 
-but each night when i rock laney to sleep, she loves for her momma to sing to her. i'll hold her and she'll look at me and say, "sing" as she touches my face. how can i say no? we love to sing hymns. some of my favorites are: 'tis so sweet to trust in jesus, how deep the father's love for us, and my jesus, i love thee

-a good night's sleep.... or two, or three. :)

-to control my actions, not my children's. it's not my job to control them, it's my job to teach them how to control themselves. i can do this by showing them by example. i can't control when laney freaks out (at least 5 times a day) or when libbi gets sassy, but i can control how I respond to their behavior. and by having a plan in place. easier said than done, right? 

listening to: 
-the faint sound of white noise over the monitors as both girls are (supposed to be) napping. however, my biggest girl just hollered out, "momma! i'm sorry for getting markers on my fingers!" and that's never a good thing. 

a little too much, yet never enough. at least that's how i always feel. i need about 5-7 more hours in each day and i'd be good to go. 

dreaming of:
baby names (any suggestions?) we have boy names narrowed down, but not girl names. which means we're probably having a girl - ha!

this is what i'm up to currently...what about you? 
play along if you'd like! :) 

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