Wednesday, February 27, 2013

easter placemats...

i had a such a great response to the christmas placemats and have since had quite a few emails asking about easter/spring mats. thank you for your interest - i'm excited to show you the newest batch!  i just printed out all of these to "test" them and i have to say, i LOVE how they turned out :) 

ordering details: 
if you'd like to place an order for a digital file email me at: 
mrsamytippins {at} gmail {dot} com. 

please include:
1. placemat choice (see pictures for numbers/names)
2. any changes/special requests (add bow, change font, single initial/mono, boy/girl specific, etc.) most placemats can be customized to your preferences. i can change colors/patterns/fonts, etc. or if you want to combine colors/elements from two different mats, we can do that too! 
3. name for personalization
4. paypal email for invoice to be sent.
5. email address to send pdf file/printing instructions (if different from paypal email)

1 placemat (1 pdf file)  - $5
2 placemats (2 separate pdf files) - $9
3 placemats (3 separate pdf files) - $13
4 or more  - email for prices

how it works:
once i receive your email, i will send you a paypal invoice and begin working on your placemat. after your invoice is paid, you will be sent a pdf file of your placemat. i will do my best to send you the file(s) no more than 24hrs after your invoice is paid. the pdf file(s) will be yours to keep and print as many times as you'd like! :) the finished placemat (with a .25inch border of laminate measures approx. 17.25x11.25inches)

as far as printing goes, you can print from home (if you have tabloid size paper). i choose to send my files to fedex/kinkos to print and laminate. i will tell you that there is a small white edge (about 1mm) on the outsides of the placemat file. you can ask fedex to cut it for you before laminating, but y'all, they charge almost $3 for that!!! crazy! i usually take my file up there (or email it), have it printed, then cut it myself while in the store before having them laminate it. but if i'm pressed for time and don't really care about the extra $3 or so dollars, i just ask them to cut the edges for me. :) 
or i leave them on, it's not really enough to make a big deal out of. 

i considered printing and laminating these myself, but the cost to ship them would literally be almost as much as, if not more than, the printing/laminating. if you're interested in having a placemat shipped to you, you can email me for prices, but honestly - the pdf files are much more cost effective. 

let me know if you have any questions - or if you're interested in a particular design/theme that you do not see here. i'll be happy to work with you! 

feel free to share this post with anyone you think may be interested! 
thanks, y'all! :)

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