Tuesday, March 26, 2013

spring and easter activities...

a few more activities for the preschool crowd today! don't forget to check out the other posts in this series for more crafting fun and free printables!
CLICK HERE FOR DAY ONE - dot-to-dot bunnies, hunting for letters, and scrap paper eggs.
CLICK HERE FOR DAY TWO - m&mgraph, spring memory, and bird's nest recipe. 
CLICK HERE FOR DAY THREE - free printables for teacher/classmate gifts, ABC eggs, and marshmallow print bunnies.

today's first activity features plastic eggs. we love doing activities and crafts with these, because they are SO cheap and easy to find in stores. in years past, i've bought them after easter and they were so greatly discounted they were practically free! this activity was fun for both girls although laney was more into just shaking the eggs - which is fine - it's still working on her awareness of objects and sounds around her.  libbi did a great job of matching the sounds and it was fun to see what she THOUGHT was in the eggs before i showed her the key. ;)

Sound Eggs:

Some-Bunny Prints (make great cards for family members!)
the girls loved making handprints and decorating the bunnies. i happened to have some buttons in the craft closet so we used those for eyes and noses, but you could really use just about anything! or have your use crayons/markers to make the face on the bunny. libbi was able to draw the mouth on her bunny and help glue down the additional features, but i had to assist laney. and of course, we had to add bows to our bunnies! ;-)

finally here are a few more activities that we've tried and/or plan on attempting in the next few days. let me know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions! i hope you've enjoyed the spring and easter activities for the preschool crowd as much as we have!! 

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