Monday, March 25, 2013

toddler crafts and {free} easter printables...

so....i slacked off a little on my easter craft posting, but hopefully this post will make up for it. see also: lots of free printables ;-)
(Links for printables at the bottom of this post....)

the first activity featured today is:
ABC eggs...and more!
(link to printable at the bottom of this post)

next up is an activity using one of my favorite materials.... marshmallows! they're cheap and easy to work with, plus they smell good. ;-)
marshmallow print bunnies:

and finally for today, a sweet treat for friends! i put this in with the "preschool activities" because your child can help you put these treats together OR you can make them for your littlest loved ones. we made some for preschool friends, neighbors, and sunday school teachers. FREE PRINTABLES at the bottom of this post!

first up, bunny tails (aka marshmallows). there are two different labels that can be used. they are made to fit over a sandwich sized ziploc bag. (i just stapled mine on each side). once you print out the labels (there are 3 to a page) you fold it in half, sandwich the bag in between the label, and attach! easy as pie! we made a few with the "bunny tails" label and a few with the "special treat..." label. we also alternated between jumbo sized and mini marshmallows. both work fabulously! as you can see in the picture, libbi signed her name on the back of label so her little friends will know who the bunny tails are from.

these are a fun treat for any age! 

i also made some printable labels that we used on her teacher gifts. 
there's a "generic tweet easter" 

a "girly tweet easter" 

and a "hoppy easter"

these labels are 2inch circles that have 12 per page. i printed mine on cardstock and cut them out. sometimes i print them on adhesive sheets and use my round and/or scallop 2inch punch to cut them out and use as stickers. the possibilities are endless!

one final (FREE!) printable is the "happy easter peeps" snack bag label. these are much like the bunny tail labels in that they're made to attach to a sandwich/snack size ziploc bag. you can fill the bag with a few peeps and ta-da! a perfect treat for sweet peeps :) 

i hope you enjoy these activities and printables. as always, feel free to use and share as you please, but remember they are for personal use only!
tomorrow will be the last day of spring activity posts...lots of fun ideas coming your way!! :)


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