Friday, March 22, 2013

tiny dancer...

libbi had her last day of winter session ballet/gymnastics on thursday. they did a little "exhibition" to show off all their skills for the parents. it was just about the cutest thing i've ever seen in my life. i apologize in advance for all the pictures, but there's just something about my precious girl dancing her heart out and tumbling without a care in the world that makes me get a little camera happy.... so, i'm sorry for the picture overload (but not really) ;-)

see what i mean? total cuteness.
this one just kills me. i'm sorry libbi, but i couldn't resist. bless her heart with her little skirt tucked up in the back ;)

i'm no ballerina, but i'm pretty sure the karate kid move is not a ballet skill....but she sure looks graceful doing it. :)

a few more of her signature moves...

receiving her "ballet ribbon" 

and lest you worry that sister wasn't there....never fear. she was quietly lurking in the background just waiting for her moment to shine. as soon as libbi and her class lined up to head out to the gym for the gymnastics portion of her lesson, laney jumped right up and said, "MY TURN!" 

we made our way to the gym and it was like christmas morning for laney. i usually spend the majority of our hour at ballet/gymnastics keeping her OUT of the gym. now that she was actually allowed to go in, she didn't even know what to do with herself.... so she just copied libbi. ;)

see libbi run. see laney run.

see libbi jump. see laney jump.

once libbi and her class made their way over to the bars, laney began to venture out a little...
 she slowly made her way out onto the mats, keeping a close eye on the audience; daring someone to stop her.
and you know what they say, "give 'em an inch and they'll take a mile." 

truer words were never spoken. 

libbi was awarded her gymnastics ribbon and we were SO proud of all her hard work! she loves gymnastics and ballet and we love watching her learn and seeing her experience a sense of accomplishment. 
and while we were clapping and congratulating libbi on a job well done, there was one small person that decided to to capitalize on her brief moments of freedom...

can you blame her? :) 

even though she was otherwise occupied, i know she is just as proud of her big sister as we are! we love our tiny dancer! 

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