Wednesday, March 20, 2013

spring crafts & free printables...

today's activities feature two of my favorite things... free stuff and food! :) 
what could be better than that?! ;-)
if you missed yesterday's post featuring a dot-to-dot bunny, scrap paper egg, and an educational egg hunt, click HERE for all the details.

now, on to today's projects...
first up, an m&m graph! my girls love, and i mean loooooove m&m's. i think laney would live off of them if we let her. and i'm pretty sure she thinks it's borderline abusive that we don't allow her to have m&m's as a meal. ;)
anyway, the m&m graph uses m&m's to help teach math skills. of course, you will probably want to make sure you have some extras on hand.... learning can work up quite the appetite! 
Easter M&M Graph (FREE printable at the bottom of this post):

(link to graph printable at bottom of post)

Easter/Spring Memory and Patterns: (FREE printable at the bottom of this post)
libbi loves playing "memory"... she doesn't love playing by the rules - ha! but she still loves playing just the same. these memory cards are a great way to reinforce following directions and to work on recall skills. we also used these cards to work on making patterns. some of them we glued down to another piece of paper, others we just practiced making on the floor over and over (and over and over....). this activity was a little advanced for laney, but the cards were a great way to work on her vocabulary. she enjoys saying "egg" (she says, "A-gg") and "bunny" every time she sees a picture of one. 


(link to FREE printable at the bottom of this post)

Bird's Nest Recipe (FREE printable at the bottom of this post):
the final activity in today's post is a fun recipe! libbi enjoys helping me in the kitchen; laney just enjoys the fruits of our labors. ;-)
this is an easy recipe that is perfect for little helpers!

PRINTABLE LINKS: (click on the text to open link)

as always, feel free to email me if you have any comments or suggestions. and please let me know if you have any trouble with the links! 
tomorrow's post will feature a few more fun and educational projects for the preschool crowd! 

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