Tuesday, April 2, 2013

ABC's of fripp....

Alligators - of the real and fake variety. 

Breakfast with the easter bunny - went about as expected.... ;-)

Cupcakes - so thankful Daddy had a bday so we could eat cupcakes!

Donuts - i may or may not have polished off a 1/2 dozen by myself ;)

Egg Hunt - madness. straight madness. but, libbi came away with bubbles and a candy bracelet, so she thought it was a smashing success. 

Frog slide - the infamous frog slide. unfortunately, this was as close as we got this year. 

Golf cart rides

Horseshoe crabs - found these guys on the beach our first day.

Ice cream - there is NOTHING better than bluebell homemade vanilla with some hershey's chocolate syrup. 

Jeffrey's birthday - we celebrated jeffrey's bday on saturday! 

Knife - (just in case that easter bunny got too close)

Lighthouse - we spent the morning at hunting state park and enjoyed learning about the lighthouse and being outside.

Magic show - there was a magic show before the egg hunt. not sure if you can tell how impressed libbi is (note the sarcasm) ;-)

New bathing suit - the easter bunny brought a new bathing suit for libbi (and laney!) but unfortunately it was too cold to try it out this trip. 

Oh my word, she's touching sand - i think we were mainly in shock that libbi actually (voluntarily!) touched the sand. she was very into burying things and digging them up. a MAJOR change from last year. :) 

Playground - this is libbi's happy place. that girl could swing 24/7

Quality time - we missed laylay so much, but we were SO thankful to have this time with libbi. it was wonderful to make memories with her and have time to focus 100% on our biggest girl!

Run, and run, and run - i think she had one speed and one speed only all week. 

Seashells - one of the best parts of walking on the beach is finding shells! libbi had big plans for all the shells she found (too bad we left them there...oops!)

Tree hugging - we participated in a golf cart scavenger hunt on saturday afternoon. as part of the hunt, we had to take a picture of one of our team member's hugging a tree. you can tell libbi was thrilled to be the chosen team member - ha!

Under the line - when we visited the lighthouse, poor libbi was just a little too short to meet the height requirement for climbing to the top. i felt bad for her, but my pregnant self might have been a little thankful that she i didn't have to climb the 172 winding stairs to the top. whew! 

Views to remember

Writing names in the sand


Yesterday...wan't it just yesterday that we visited this same bunny with my BABY?! when did she grow up? 

Zero naps - no naps for libbi all week meant she crashed hard every night. no complaints here ;)

A-Z it was a fabulous trip. thank you to my mom and dad (mimzy and buddy) for taking such good care of laylay (hope y'all have caught up on your rest!) and to the shaver family for their generosity! we love y'all!!

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