Monday, April 8, 2013

insta-catch up...

looks like i dropped off the blogging wagon this past week...oops :-/
trying to catch up and i realized i had TONS of pics on my phone. if you follow me on instagram, you've probably already seen most of these - sorry for the repeats! 

libbi is still super into dressing up and picking out her own outfits. lately she's been very attached to this crocheted hat. it was hers when she was a baby and she happened to find it in box somewhere. she thinks it's very toddler hipster chic. she also has decided she wants her dress up clothes to be big ballroom skirts and she figured out if she wears the dresses around her waist, they will sort of "balloon out" like she wants them to. she had on the lovely outfit above during naptime one day. she was very impressed with herself. 

we were leaving to go meet the grandparents for supper, so i told her to put on some "Real clothes" (as opposed to dress-up). and this is what she came downstairs in. her little sidekick decided to make an appearance, too. as you can see - she's quite attached to her own hat. 

laney loves her pink hat. it was actually libbi's hat from when she dressed up as a farmer for halloween two years ago. it's been "well-loved" since then. we like to call laney "mrs. nesbit" when she puts her hat on and all her dress-up clothes. she reminds me of buzz lightyear from toy story when he was dressing up for the tea party with hannah. ha! our little mrs. nesbit is a busy, busy bee. she's too busy for tea parties. 

we celebrated jeffrey's bday on thursday with some mexican.... a family favorite. :)
most days i try to get ready before the girls are up and about or else i shower the night before. okay, if i'm being honest - most days i throw my hair in a ponytail or a hat and wear minimal makeup. but on the off change that i need to look presentable (ha!) i do whatever it takes to keep the girls occupied. and while they may look like they're "busy" in this picture....don't let them fool you. my shower mostly consists of me opening and closing the door 500 times and each time i find laney somewhere different: trying on my clothes, putting on my makeup, using my toothbrush!, etc, etc, etc...
now do you see why i just wear a hat? ;)
laney has been such a ham lately. she loves to pose for pictures. she will dress up and immediately say, "pi-chure, momma!" and pose. if we tell her to be "happy" she makes the "home alone" face. ;)
the girls each got new bathing suits in their easter baskets. they had fun trying them on one night and even made a pretend pool to swim in. i just wish my chubby thighs looked so cute in a bathing suit. or that i had the same confidence as they do ;) 

when i take libbi to school we pass this fancy "establishment" each time. she is 100% convinced that it is a "jumpy place" and she BEGS to stop there every time. she wants to go in and jump in the bounce houses and play games. bless her heart, the (top) sign is a little deceiving. i just tell her i'm pretty sure it's not a jumpy place for kids but she can ask daddy about it - ha! i'm guessing she'll either learn to read or start to notice that there is police car parked out front 24/7 and the patrons are definitely not innocent little children. 

some more lovely moments with mrs. nesbit and libbi and her knit hat. 

laney thinks she is big stuff riding on libbi's bike. except for 99% of the time she's yelling "HELP MOMMA!" so i'm not really keen on the bike riding just yet. 

the girls set up a restaurant the other day. it was clearly a high class establishment since laney was chugging a bottle of mustard and libbi was snacking on an onion. but never fear, the reindeer was enjoying a cup of coffee and hello kitty (in the high chair) was having ice cream. they obviously break out the good stuff for their guests. 

sister love. 

jeffrey brought home a gallon of sweet tea for me. is there anything better than chickfila sweet tea? i think not. it's been my main pregnancy craving. 

sister walk around the block. (libbi dressed herself....again). 

jeffrey and i had a great date night for his birthday with what else? more mexican! 
what can i say? we're creatures of habit. :)

whew! i think that about catches us up for the past week/weekend. tomorrow i'll be linking up with my friend sarah for "the proof is in the pin" and posting a few projects that i've done lately. see you then!  

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