Tuesday, April 9, 2013

projects and pins...

i'm linking up with my friend sarah today for "the proof is in the pin!" if you follow me on pinterest, you might notice that i'm sort of sporadic with my pinning. some weeks i'll pin tons of ideas; and others - not a one. you might think it's because i'm spending those "off" weeks actually trying some of the ideas i've pinned, but no. my name is amy and i like to pin and run. that's why sarah's "the proof is in the pin" linkup is perfect. it encourages me to actually try some of those pins and not just admire them on my boards. 

first up this week is an EASY, INEXPENSIVE, and darling project. i posted these on instagram the other night and had people asking if i was selling them. and i honestly felt guilty, because they're seriously THAT easy to make. of course, after i share how to make them, if you're not up for making it yourself, just email me (mrsamytippins{at}gmail{dot}com) and i'll send you the ordering details. it would basically be just enough to cover the cost of shipping plus the monogram. 

i found this idea from the The Idea Room and basically followed her directions with a few tweaks of my own and it worked perfectly! 

start with bottles of hand sanitizer - i found mine on sale for $1.50- and remove the labels. (tip: the purell labels peel of the easiest!)after peeling off the stickers, i use "goo-gone" to take off the remainder of the adhesive. (tip: there are small bottles of goo-gone in the dollar section at target right now!) 

next up, you'll want to print the insert on a transparency (think old school overhead projectors). i had mine done at fedex for around $1.50 and i fit four on one transparency, so that's less than $0.40 per hand sanitizer. {if you're keeping track, we're up to $1.90 total for each bottle of soap.} 

to find a FREE printable of the insert i used, CLICK HERE

i created my own based off of the original author's and added in a bible verse at the bottom. my download is for a HAND SANITIZER label. (tip: if you're using a hand sanitizer, you will want your insert to measure 3inches wide, by 4 inches tall. if you're using a hand soap, you'll want it to measure 3inches wide, by 3.5 inches tall.) feel free to download my version or create your own! you could really get creative... a single initial, a monogram, a cute saying - anything goes! 

if you download my version, you may want to add in a name at the top. but it would still be cute "as is."

once your label is printed on a transparency, cut it out as close to the words as possible. roll it up (words facing out) and tuck it into the bottle of hand sanitizer. 

you can use the dispenser to help adhere the label to the front of the bottle. i still had a few "bubbles" that wouldn't flatten out, so i found a few other items to assist with the process. i believe i used a dowel rod, a straw, and the rim from a pair of broken sunglasses (which surprisingly, worked the best-ha!) but you may not want to get as "technical" as i did. ;-)

once your label is stuck to the inside of the bottle, put the top back on and you have yourself a fancy little gift! i added some ribbon and a monogram on the back (cut using my silhouette machine). but, i honestly think they look so cute with or without any "extras" 

i've made them for baby gifts, {everyone needs some "magic soap" before squeezing on a new baby} teacher gifts, even a few around our house. so if you're one of my IRL friends, and you've received one of these - or you do in the future - just pretend that you don't know how incredibly easy it was to make. ;-)

feel free to email me if you have any questions or if you decide you'd rather order one than make one. :)

and make sure to check out sarah's "the proof is in the pin!" for more ideas to try... or you know, just pin and admire. :)

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