Sunday, April 14, 2013

ice cream cones & bathing suits...

libbi and laney both got new bathing suits in their easter baskets. the week of easter it was too chilly to do any swimming or outdoor playing in their bathing suits, so i told libbi that over spring break they could have a swimming party in the bathtub and wear their new bathing suits. 

one night this past week, jeffrey had to work late and (of course) it had been a long, rainy day and we'd been stuck inside all day. i told libbi that after supper we'd have our swim party in the bathtub. she was beside herself with excitement....and laney was too, but only because she likes to copy her big sister. ;)

i had the bright(?) idea to let the girls eat ice cream cones in the bathtub before they went "swimming." i figured we'd just wash everything down and there'd be no sticky mess for me to clean up. it was a shamelessly selfish act on my part  - they just happened to reap the benefits of it. 

it never ceases to surprise me how completely different my girls can be. with each given scenario, their individual nuances and quirks shine through. the way they eat ice cream cones is a prime example of the differences in their personalities. libbi carefully ate the top of hers and despite being in a bathing suit and in the bathtub, as soon as her ice cream began to melt and drip - she was done. she wanted nothing more to do with it and was disgusted at the thought of the ice cream dripping onto her bathing suit. laney, on the other hand, picked off each individual sprinkle one by one. the fact that ice cream was running down her hands as she did this didn't bother her a bit. once she ate all the sprinkles, she started in on her ice cream - which was now more of a milkshake. she honestly would have licked it off the bathtub tile if i'd let her. 

after their dessert, and once laney decided she was FINALLY finished, we rinsed out the tub and filled it up with bubbles and warm water. another prime example of the differences between libbi and laney.... libbi would "swim" but made sure to keep her chin up and head out of the water. she did not want her hair getting wet. laney flopped around like a fish and took great pleasure out of dumping cups of water over her own head. i'm telling you what, these girls don't need a swimming pool. they had a blast just swimming around our bathtub. (and i'm pretty sure they'd be in some kind of legal trouble for using crayons on the pools walls. it might be considered graffiti.) ;-)

i think that i enjoyed their swimming party as much as they did. libbi has asked no less than 5,000 times if she can wear her bathing suit in the bath again. i haven't given in yet, but i'm sure it won't be long before i do. it was so much fun watching them laugh and play - and we didn't even have to worry about sunscreen. :)

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