Wednesday, April 17, 2013

#3 - week 25

since i'm almost 25 weeks and heading into the 3rd trimester, i guess it's high time i do a little pregnancy update on baby girl here are a few pregnancy highlights thus far:

baby girl weighs about a pound and a half. although sometimes it feels more like 25lbs. especially by the end of the day, i feel like i'm dragging. 

i think that's the main difference (so far) in this pregnancy - i get tired so much faster and it's just more exhausting this go 'round. i don't know if it's because i'm now chasing two other kids around, or that i'm older, or more out of shape, or maybe a combination of all three. but whew! growing a baby is hard work sometimes ;-)

just like with my pregnancies with libbi and laney, i have horrible insomnia again. i tell jeffrey all the time that i wish i were half as tired at night as i am during the day - ha! but for now, i just use that time to catch up on all my shows on the DVR. you can imagine how thrilling it is for jeffrey to hear the real housewives of orange county screaming at each other at 2am. 

i feel a good bit of movement and lots of hiccups. i don't know if that's a common thing or not? but all of my babies have been frequent hiccup-ers in the womb.

i don't have any major cravings that i can think of off the top of my head. for a while i had a chicken aversion, but that has passed (thankfully!) so i'm able to enjoy chick-fil-a again. there were a few weeks that i loved chinese food. jeffrey said that's how he knew i was really pregnant - in the almost 6 years we've been married and the 15+ that we've been together, he'd never seen me eat chinese food. he didn't even believe me when i first told him i wanted it for lunch after church. ha! lately my main craving has been chick-fil-a sweet tea. i could drink it by the gallon!

my last check-up was on monday and everything looked good! measuring right on track and baby's heartbeat was a steady 149. i go back in three weeks for my glucose test. i happen to enjoy the glucose drink, so i'm not dreading drinking it, i'm just worried about passing. ;-)

the main questions i'm asked are if we've chosen a name and if we're sticking with the "L" theme. and the answers are, "no" and "i don't know":)
we have a few names that we like, but nothing that has really stuck out just yet. either i like it and he doesn't, he likes it and i don't, or it's a cute name, but just doesn't "flow" with libbi and laney. i'm hoping that one day (SOON!) i'll hear a name and just know that it's the one. i'd like to keep it an "L" name, but i'm not completely set on it, so i'm open to any names at this point. libbi has quite a few suggestions, but so far none of them are keepers. i'm pretty sure that most of them are not even "real" least not in our language. ;)

i don't have any pictures, but i will try my best to post a few of the baby belly just for posterity's sake. but let's just say i could probably give kim kardashian a run for her money. thank God there's no paparazzi following me around ;-)

i'm also going to try to post more about baby girl and the plans for her nursery as well as the plans to move the two big girls into their shared room - ah! :) it's been fun to watch libbi's reactions this pregnancy since she's much more aware of what's going on. laney is still oblivious, but she'll get there.... maybe. ha!
overall, i'm happy that there's really nothing exciting to report. boring is good as far as pregnancy is concerned. because Lord knows that once the baby is here, our lives will be anything but boring! 

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