Monday, April 22, 2013


the girls have been so full of personality lately and it's so much fun to watch them interact with each other. especially now that laney is much more verbal. it's never boring (or quiet) at our house, that's for sure. ;)

here are a few of my favorite moments lately...

libbi is very fascinated with my growing belly. she really has no memory of me being pregnant with laney, because she was so young at the time. so seeing my ever expanding baby belly has been extremely interesting for her and has brought up a lot of questions. of course, she's also quick to remind me how large and in charge i am. "momma, you can't fit through here. it's only for little girls...not momma's with big bellies." or "woah! your belly is just getting bigger and bigger and bigger!!" believe me, those comments do wonders for my self esteem - ha! the other day she was doing her usual commentary of how my belly was just "growing, and growing, and growing..." and out of curiosity jeffrey asked her what was going to happen when the baby was ready to come out. she thought for a minute and then said, "momma's belly will get bigger, bigger, bigger...and then....Crrrrrrrrrack! the baby comes out." apparently i'm going to hatch in about 12 weeks. 

we have a little toy that libbi and laney fight over constantly. it's a stuffed dog "rattle" that i'm pretty sure someone gave me when i was pregnant with libbi. anyway, libbi and laney fight over this stupid toy all day every day. it makes me insane. i am seriously *thisclose* to just throwing it away. they call it "milo" and walk him around the house with a custom leash (aka the tie from my bathrobe). libbi wants milo to wear barbie's skirts and crowns since he is a "princess puppy" but laney disagrees. as soon as laney finds milo, she rips all of his accessories off. as soon as libbi reclaims him, she puts them back on. it's a never-ending cycle. oh, and y'all know that both of my girls are terrified of dogs. i guess they only like the breed of dog that is pink, rattles instead of barks, and is the size of a tangerine. 

laney loves to copy everything libbi does. i mean LOVES to copy her. obviously, this can be both a good and a bad thing...depending on what kind of day libbi is having. it's so sweet to hear them talk to each other (unless they're screaming at each other) and it's funny because they each have their own "nicknames" for one another. libbi calls laney, "lane." not that original, but no one else calls her that. we've never called her lane. in fact, we still call her laylay (which libbi originally started) but libbi always calls her lane. laney says, "bibbi" instead of "libbi" which is super cute, but even cuter when she calls her "bib." every morning when libbi wakes up we always say, "hey lib" or "good morning lib" and now laney has started calling her "bib" too. i love hearing her say, "heyyyyyyy bib!" when she sees libbi.

laney is also very quick to offer a "bess you" when you sneeze, a "tank you" when you give her something or a "'welcome" when you've thanked her. there's nothing cuter than hearing her say, "scue me!" when someone is in her way. if i let her walk in a store or at the mall instead of riding in the stroller, she will say, "scue me!" to every.single.person we pass (which almost makes up for the enormous amount of stress she causes me when she's trying to escape 99% of the time).  i love hearing her say, "you 'kay bib?" if libbi falls or trips over something. she sure is a polite little thing, that laylay. ;-)

laney is very into taking turns. libbi is too, actually. and it's hard for libs, because laney used to be very unaware of "turns" so she could sneak in an extra turn for herself and laney would be none the wiser. these days laney watches her like a hawk. and as soon as she sees libbi finish she yells, "laney's turn!" and you don't even want to know what happens if laney doesn't get her turn. it isn't pretty. 
unfortunately, laney thinks that just by yelling, "laney's turn!" she'll automatically be granted a turn no matter the situation. this doesn't bode well during gymnastics class. libbi participates and laney yells, "laney's turn!" every five minutes and also happens to fall apart every five minutes when she's not granted that turn. she even waits for libbi's teacher at the gym door and says, "laney's turn!" as soon as she walks out and expects the teacher to take her out into the gym. again, it isn't pretty when we have to leave the gymnastics lesson without laney being given her "rightful turn."

libbi loves reminding us when we've "forgotten" something. when she's being sent to her room, she will always stop on the stairs and say, "you forgot to say something! you forgot to say, "don't go anywhere else but your room!"" although i never really thought i "forgot" to say that. i kind of always assumed it was a given: if you're sent to your room, you go to your room.
the other day laney had a doozy of a diaper. after i changed her and took her diaper out, libbi said, "momma, you forgot to say something. you forgot to say, "laney, you made this house smell like reek!"" ha! guess she must have heard us say, "that reeks" a time or two. ;-) 

these girls are a mess! i can only imagine how much fun we'll have when we add another one to the mix. :) 
(and please excuse the fact that libbi looks like "dr. evil" from austin powers petting her stuffed animal-ha!)

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