Monday, April 29, 2013

always, sometimes, never...

apparently i've become a once a week blogger....unintentionally, of course. we're still as busy as ever and i still take 1000 pictures a day, but for some reason, when it comes down to naptime or bedtime (my usual blogging time) i tend to feel a little dazed and confused - ha! so much so that i'm not sure i could put together a coherent thought if i tried. guess i'll just chalk it up to pregnancy brain....or who knows, maybe i'm just losing my mind. either way, i need to do better about posting since this very well may be the only way i'll remember this time in my life. :) 

so, what better way to start off the week than a little random posting of "always, sometimes, never..."? i've written a few A/S/N posts in the past, but it's been a long while. and by long while, i mean at least a year (maybe two) so i'd say it's overdue :) 

i always...
*write out a list for the store. pen and paper lists are a MUST (cute stationery is just an added bonus)
*lose my phone. it drives jeffrey crazy :) 
*cry during church. there's just something beautiful about worship that moves me to tears.
*stay up way too late
*watch the local news every morning before the girls wake up
*get nervous before any kind of doctor's appt. even if i'm just taking my girls for a well-visit

i sometimes...
*forget my list for the store at home
*run the dryer just so i don't have to fold the clothes in it
*forget that i'm the one in charge of cooking supper (sorry, family!)
*get into "detective mode" on facebook
*nap when the girls nap
*watch reality shows that i hate just because i love to hate them. (i'm looking at you, RHOC!)

i never...
*get everything on my list at the store. especially when my "assistants" are with me
*sleep all night
*wash my hair every day
*get tired of hearing my girls play together
*give directions to any one. it's a rarity that i even know where i'm going most days
*eat fish. ever.

what are some of your "always, sometimes, nevers?" 

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