Wednesday, May 1, 2013

memories of firsts; 1st bday edition...

laney's FIRST birthday feels like it was yesterday and five years ago all at the same time. and don't even get me started on libbi's FIRST birthday! 

it's crazy to think that the FIRST party laney attended was libbi's 2nd birthday party, and now she'll be celebrating her own 2nd birthday in less than two weeks! 

how is that possible?! 

i remember when i started planning laney's FIRST birthday, i knew i wanted it to have a little birdie theme. i used her bedding as inspiration and everything else took off from there.

on the day of her party, the FIRST (and only) thing laney wanted to do was.... 
hold on to her daddy for dear life - ha!

fortunately(?) this wasn't the FIRST time she'd behaved that way and we were well aware by this point that laney wasn't much of a "people person." bless her. ;)  

the FIRST (and only) thing libbi wanted to do at laney's party was....
jump. and jump. and jump. 

although, at the FIRST mention of "cake" both of my girls were open to changing their plans. they are their momma's daughters, for sure! 

when we sang happy birthday to the birthday girl, no one had any idea that the FIRST thing she would do was grab the candle. she wasn't hurt, but she definitely wasn't happy, either. 

laney's FIRST birthday was a success as far as FIRST birthday's go....cake, presents, family, and friends (of course not in that order) ;-)

we're excited to see what her second birthday has in store.... and in case you're curious, here's the FIRST sneak peek of what to expect:

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happy may FIRST, friends! 

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