Tuesday, May 7, 2013

future stylist...part 2

it's no secret that libbi has opinions on everything from here to kingdom come. she wakes up with opinions and goes to sleep with opinions. one of the biggest battles we fight each day is over clothing. i've said before that she was going through a "dress phase" where she would only wear "boo-tiful dresses" and it was like torture trying to get her to wear pants. she's still adamant about wearing dresses, but luckily(?) she has decided to broaden her fashion horizons and include skirts in her clothing repertoire. 

in fact, she has grown to love wearing skirts SO much, that she has decided her newest trend is to make her dresses appear to be skirts. i have no idea where this ingenious fashion idea came from, other than the mind of a preschooler, but i honestly don't see it taking off any time soon. don't get me wrong, i'm no fashionista myself (libbi will gladly attest to that as most days i fail to meet her standards) but i just can't see the women and children of the world piling layer upon layer on top of a dress just to make it appear to be a skirt. 

but, what do i know? this may be all the rage in europe right now and an up and coming trend in the usa....and if that's the case, then libbi is ahead of the game. :) 
you may notice in the picture above that her heart seems to be protruding through her chest. let me assure you, that's not the case. it's actually just a flower on her dress which was apparently not intended to be put under a tank top. minor detail, really. 
 (oh, and did i mention that matching is not required?)
and the good news is, this trend is not only for the daytime - it also applies to evening wear!

bless libbi's little fashionista heart, she tries her best to convince laney to jump on board the "dress-into-skirt" train, but laney just ends up yelling, "NO BIBBI, NO SHIRT!" and unfortunately, as cute as libbi's outfits are, the double layers don't bode well for a full range of motion with her arms. so she ends up sweating and unable to move properly while trying to wrangle a shirt over her sister's head. beauty is pain, right? :) 
"TA-DA! NO SHIRT!" aka...i win!! :)

finally, in case you were worried that libbi has abandoned her hobby of styling outfits in place of camouflaging dresses....never fear. she's still hard at work at her first love: styling. only now, she's happy to add the extra element of surprise. ;-)

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