Saturday, July 13, 2013

did/did not....

this week we {DID} play candy land (or "candy LANE" as libbi calls it)
we {DID NOT} have a dress code for playing....

this week we {DID} sleep well at night, although naps during the day {DID NOT} go as well.

this week we {DID} make artwork for daddy's office. libbi {DID NOT} want to send it with him, so we had to take a picture and text it to him instead. (she wrote, "'have a good work' love, libbi") 

 this week we {DID} go to the dentist. laney {DID} enjoy it.... libbi {DID NOT}.

this week i {DID} have to sit in laney's glider in her room until she fell asleep. although, i {DID NOT} mind because she sings peacefully in her bed until she falls asleep. it's actually a nice, quiet break. (plus, it's SO much easier than trying to awkwardly rock her and position her around my big ole belly)

she {DID} eventually fall asleep.... and thankfully i {DID NOT} have to stay in that chair all night. ;) 

this week jeffrey {DID} go to work every day after being off last week for the 4th of july. laney {DID NOT} appreciate him doing so. i {DID} pray every day that she wouldn't wake up until after he left, because i DID NOT want to have to deal with the drama of it all. (plus, i {DID NOT} want to get out of bed at 6 am).

this week, i {DID} lose my mind and let both girls help me "shop" while we were at walgreens. 

thankfully, i {DID NOT} go into labor in the store and we {DID NOT} end up with too many items that were not on our list (save for a few nail polishes... and bags of m&m's)

this week, i {DID} move the princess castle downstairs for the girls to play with. unfortunately, they {DID NOT} always agree on the "correct" way to play with it. one likes moving furniture in; the other likes moving it out. 

this week, i {DID} have a happy mail day. i {DID NOT} underestimate how excited i'd be to see smocked dresses in SETS OF THREE!!! 

this week, i {DID} take both girls with me to my doctor's appointment where they "worked" while i had contractions monitored. i {DID NOT} have the baby, but i {DID} have confirmation that it will be SOON! 

what {DID} you do this week? 

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