Friday, July 12, 2013

five on friday...

this weeks's five on friday is another set of activities for the little one's in your life. and i have to be honest and say, that this week's theme is one of my favorite things.... ice cream! :)  i know my girls will agree. ice cream is a love language shared by everyone in the tippins household. 

to read more about the five on friday series and to see theme's from week's past, CLICK HERE.
ice cream shop sensory bucket... fill a tupperware container or a bucket of some sort (you could even use your sand/water table!) with different colors and sizes of pom poms/cotton balls. (you can usually find these at the dollar store or in any craft store). add in spoons, bowls, ice cream cones, ice cream scoopers, ice cube trays, aprons, hats or any other items you might find at an ice cream shop. (again, if you don't have these things lying around your house, the majority of them you could find at a dollar store). let your little ones have fun playing and exploring with the different items. scooping, stacking, etc are all great fine motor skills. you can even practice counting the number of scoops in each bowl, counting out money to purchase ice cream, etc. the possibilities are endless!!

hot/cold sorting.... use the FREE PRINTABLE (found at the bottom of the post) or easily draw your own and help your child sort items tat are hot and cold. older children can draw their own items or cut them out of magazines. for younget children, you can look at pictures of clip art and have them sort the pictures or use pictures that you've previously cut out of magazines. (COLD: ice cream, snow, milk, popsicle, snowman, swimming pool, refrigerator, etc... HOT: sun, fire, stove, oven, iron, soup, coffee, etc....)

ice cream scoop math...use the FREE PRINTABLE (found at the bottom of the post) and assist your child in putting the correct number of "Scoops" onto each ice cream cone. you can use garage sale stickers, bingo dot markers, finger prints or any other circular object to make the "scoops."

paper plate/brown bag ice cream make the ice cream cone, cut a triangle out of a brown paper bag (lunch or grocery bag depending on how large you want your "cone"). use a paper plate (or two or three!) for the ice cream scoops. color, decorate with sprinkles, or any other accessories of your choice. add a cherry on top, attach all pieces together, and display your ice cream cone!

ice cream sundaes....this is an easy (and delicious!) learning activity. enjoy making your own ice cream sundaes. you can review sequencing with your child (first, then, next, last) or even work on ordinal numbers (first, second, third, fourth, etc....). this is a wonderful way to review listening and following directions, too!

ICE CREAM PRINTABLES (calendar, hot/cold sorting mat, and counting scoops)

hope you enjoy! 
as always, feel free to email me with any questions:
mrsamytippins {at} gmail {dot} com. 

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TGIF, friends! 
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