Wednesday, July 10, 2013


it's safe to say i've surpassed the third trimester of pregnancy and entered into the fourth rarely talked about trimester known as, "the complaining trimester." (i'm sure jeffrey is saying, "amen!")
it's hard sometimes to remember to focus on the gift of life that i've been blessed with when i'm full of heartburn, swollen appendages, and constant aches and pains.


i want to be mindful of the privilege of carrying a child. the blessing that feels like she will NEVER be here, will eventually come. not in my timing, but His.

and so today, since i can't change my due date (ha!) i can try my best to change my attitude. i thought i would share some of my favorite worship songs as of late. these are songs that i just love, love, love. we sing them often in church and it's a miracle in itself if i can make it through without crying. (again, i'm sure jeffrey is saying, "amen!"-ha!)
they are songs that move me, inspire me, and remind me that He is good...all the time. hope you enjoy them and maybe they will speak to you as they do to me!

meredith andrews: "not for a moment (after all)"
this is my song that is on repeat. it is my absolute favorite right now. and such a wonderful reminder that He HAS NEVER and WILL NEVER forsake me.

new life worship: "the great i am"
this song makes me think of heaven every time i hear it. and i always think of my grandad. i imagine this is what worship is like in heaven and i'm sure that he is singing his heart out.

hillsong united: "i surrender"
this song is my prayer. every minute of every day.

i will exalt you.
my hiding place, my safe refuge, my treasure Lord, you are.

love these songs and so thankful for the freedom to worship. praying that i have a heart of worship and gratitude today and every day.

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